Monday, March 25, 2013

Gap Sunkissed Pullover Review

Often my shopping mania is fueled by the pursuit of one perfect, simple thing. I love fun prints and quirky shoes but I also crave simplicity and perfection and often that hoped-for item only exists in my mind (or at a price point beyond all reasonable hope.) I've yet to find my Perfect Black Boots or my Perfect Mid-Rise Jeans, but this sweatshirt trend? This I have managed to nail and I've done it at a reasonable price. Hell yeah, girl found a SWEATSHIRT. CALL EVERYONE.

I talked about my sweatshirt desires in this post and what I ended up buying is the Gap Sunkissed Pullover in both grey and navy. Here it is in grey:

Gap Sunkissed Pullover

Now to be sure, it's...a sweatshirt, but this one is slightly more interesting because the edges and side panels are a slightly darker shade of grey which gives it a bit of style. (I know my photos are crap, but Gap's photo shows the color differences more clearly.)

This is exactly the kind of simple I like - a casual style tweaked slightly to be more interesting without being in your face. And hey, anytime something super-comfortable is in style I try to embrace it. I mean, I get that this is how UGGs happen, but can you blame people? Shit is comfy. 

I'm comfy! Except my jeans are falling down.

I'm wearing a size small in this photo but when they go on sale (and they will) I will probably buy a medium just to have a looser, less flattering, version because I'm a total hoarder. Also, since I have your attention I want to tell you about a couple great tops from Target. One of them is this shirt:

Mossimo long sleeved top

I have two (grey and black) and I'm mad that I didn't buy more colors before they pulled them. If you find them in your store, buy. They are the greatest: thin, soft, comfortable, cute. Also, this top is wicked cute:

Merona Raglan Pullover Top
It runs a bit small, so if you order, size up. I liked it a lot but didn't buy it because, seriously, I have enough damn grey tops. Heather grey is my new stripes, you guys.


  1. I especially love that last top. Oh, I miss non-maternity clothes.

  2. Myself, I had my fill of that grey mélange as we say in Swedish in the 90s. But then I'm so old.

    1. Out of curiosity, how old do you think I am?

  3. Bani says.: 30 something?. Max 35.