Thursday, March 7, 2013

Important Makeup Talk.

A: Kim France is making me want All The Things.

M: Dang it. Let me tell you, I shattered my Josie Maran eyeshadow compact and I'm still sad about it. It's so good for spring, a little lighter than the Naked stuff and so blendable and glowy.

A: Aw man. The compact she posted is SO PRETTY.

M: It's filling me with Longing. I also have that lip stain and totally forgot about it.

A: I really want to try the cheek stuff.

M: I have decided I have to buy a little makeup for spring. I do not have any tinted moisturizer that matches my skin right now. It's pretty rad.

A: Ooh, what kind? And I think you need a new Josie Maran palette.

M: I don't know, I'm thinking about trying the NARS tinted moisturizer. I am wondering about primer, too. My skin is looking ROUGH, I shouldn't let it bum me out so much but it does.

A: I am still using my sample of the Nars primer and I really like it.

M: That's in my shopping cart right now. I want to just order but I should be a good girl and go to the store to get the tinted moisturizer shade right.

A: I want that Josie Maran palette BADLY. My favorite purple eyeshadow just finally bit the dust.

M: What's your favorite purple eyeshadow?

A: You are going to be mad.

M: I will not. Unless you bought it in high school.

A: Well, not in high school.


A: It's Aveda and they discontinued the color! What was I supposed to do??

I was the best.
M: I can't even talk to you any more.

A: I knew you'd be mad.

M: Now I remember you showing me a picture of this sadness. Buy yourself that palette, please. PLEASE.

A: Yes!!!1

M: Jesus, girl. You are going to break your eyes one day.

A: Can I feel your face? I forget what you look like.

M: Of course I'm the one that used fake Chinese lead makeup for a few days, so.


M: I didn't knooooooooow. 100%.

A: I'm sorry, did you not keep using it even after you knew it was made of lead and crushed insects?

M: I stopped after I compared it to yours. I promise.

M: Tell me to be patient and go try this shit in the store and not just order it right now.

A: I should, but what I do is just buy the color online that I think is right, and then exchange it in-store for the one that's actually right.

M: OKAY I AM DOING THAT. I really hate the mall.

A: Me too! The mall where our single Sephora lives is so so so depressing.

M: What code should I use? Can't decide.

A: maybe the Tarte BB primer stuff? I tried it and thought it was pretty good.

M: Hmmm. I'm buying primer though. I am thinking about that Living Proof style extender, which I have heard raves over, but I think it's probably not for curly hair?

M: lash plumping serum?

A: Oh, I'm curious about the style extender. Your lashes be plump already.

M: You know I am like the Veruca Salt of eyelashes. Eventually they are all going to fall out from excessive vanity.

A: When that happens and you go blind, I will let you feel my face. SEE HOW THAT WORKS?


  1. OK - I have a question - what do you read daily? I see your list of blogs you follow, but do you check this daily? You seem to be really plugged into fashion...make up...bags (do you both work in fashion)?!
    I feel really overwhelmed by it all (especially make up) and you to are ON IT!
    whew - I feel better
    thanks :)

  2. Hi Eileen, I'm not really sure I can satisfactorily answer this, but I'll try. First, neither of us work in fashion! I've just always been interested in clothes and makeup and whatnot. I do read the blogs we link (and a bunch more we don't) but I also read and post on fashion/style-related message boards. Also, I read fashion magazines. For makeup stuff we both love I love for runaway backstage photos and for crazy street style images. I hope this helps a bit!

    1. is a big one, too. She's all about fashion and makeup but not exclusively. I don't read many fashion blogs these days, to be honest.

  3. I had the Josie Maran palettes in the browns and the purples. They are nice, but very fragile. Wrap them in bubble wrap if you take them on a trip.