Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Sneaker Girls.

A: I'm not a sneaker girl, but you know what I want? Grey Chucks:

Chuck Taylor All Star Converse

A: I feel like if I buy a cool, casual pair of sneakers I might actually wear them. Like, out.

M: Those are cute. I used to wear Converse all the time and still have three pairs. I never, ever wear them.

A: I don't have any sneakers that aren't strictly for the gym. I want a cute pair! I can do this!

M: Do it! They are cheap! My thing with Converse is I don't like how they look with socks, but don't like how they feel without them. And yes, I can see those "invisible" footie socks.

A: It's a problem. There are also the Bensimon sneakers that all the Euro girls are crazy for:

Bensimon Tennis Laced Sneakers

A: But I don't know. I think they look like old lady Keds.

M: If they weren't French no one would care.

A: Hey, remember the Spice Girls?

Superga Platform Net Sneakers

A: Superga does too.

M: No no no no NON. No!

A: Zig ah zig ah. Okay, these are Prada:

Prada Suede Lace Up Sneakers

A: They cost three hundred and seventy American dollars.

M: Oh just shut up Prada. That said, I swear I saw those knocked off somewhere. The espadrille trim.

A: Hmm. I am slightly tempted by the fancier slip-on Jack Purcell version of Chucks:

Jack Purcell Slip On Sneaker

A: But $70 seems like way, way too much for a pair of shoes I'm not actually going to wear.

M: Yeah, I'd road test the idea with something cheaper:

Converse One Star Slip On Sneaker

A: We share a brain! I just found a pair of the Converse Slip-on Oxfords on Amazon:

A: I had some gift card credit and got them for $22. Which I think is reasonable for shoes I probably won't wear.

M: Those are even better!

A: Yay! They will look so cute on the floor of my closet. And nowhere else.

M: And I just saw some flax colored slip on Bensimons that I now like, so thanks for that.

Bensimon Tennis Elastic Sneakers

A: Sorry! I can enable anything. And those aren't bad!

M: But let's face it, I'd never wear them.

A: They would be very cute in the bottom of your closet.

M: Yes, for $55.

A: Girl.

M: Not happening.

A: I think you should just take $55 in cash and throw it on your closet floor. Done!

M: Well spent!

A: Hooray!


  1. I'm not a sneaker girl either.

    I always love the idea of converse, but I find them horribly uncomfortable.

    I actually have a pair of Bensimons. They're alright but I wouldn't advise wearing them if you plan to do a ton of walking. They offer no support whatsoever.

  2. Converse uber alles!

    Has anyone here ever tried the cute Boden equivalent? They come in shiny metallics, and boffo suedes, etc etc. And don't look like old lady Keds. I've been tempted, but haven't bitten.

    1. I haven't, only because Boden doesn't carry half sizes. I want several pairs of Boden shoes, right now, too. Sad face.

  3. I have horrendous knees so I need me some sneakers that aren't obnoxious. I have a pair of Superga's that are non-platform, non-Spice girl esque and love them. I don't care for the toe cap on converse (no real reason -- just don't like them on me).


    1. Oh, those are a decent option. I would totally buy those and not wear them.

  4. I'm not a sneaker person but I did own a pair of black chucks once upon a time. I really enjoyed them. I'm digging the Bensimons. Maybe I'll get a pair for my daughter...

  5. I love the look of Converse as well, but my difficult feet can't handle them. Just found a cute alternative...Keen Coronados. They come in fashion colors if that's your thing or some generic colors, and Zappos carries half sizes! Yay! The footbed is more cushy and supportive than some of the others you've suggested, or it's removable if you want to put in your own orthotic. I haven't tried that yet because the one it comes with is okay. I've had my pair for about 2 weeks and they have molded to my feet quite well. I'm hoping to go sockless in them by summer.

  6. I love chucks and have at least 5 pair, black suede, tan, hot pink, black/white plaid (relegated to the garden now), pale aqua, and the latest are navy. Oops I guess that makes 6. Mine have all come from the outlet store and have paid between $12-$25 per pair. If you are close to one check it out, they often have sales and there's always a wall of them on clearance at the back of the store.

  7. Converse makes a light style which are sleeker and super cute. I have a pair, and I love them! (Not a real sneaker gal, either!) http://www.denimblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/converse-lite-2.jpg

  8. I a Converse fan and wear my chucks all the time, so I have nothing to say except to try them with your jeans and a sweater or tee and I defy you not to like them.

  9. You guys make me laugh every single post, too funny. Touches my heart, too- I'm not a sneaker girl either- but I want sneakers!
    I agree with the Bensimon, I always would try them on in Monoprix, hoping to understand, and tempted by their utterly faded-these-are-from-last-summer-on-Ile de Re vibe, but they're just not flattering on me. I'd like to say anyone over 5, but I think it's just me. And they're overpriced.
    But moving on: I also try on various Converse every year of my life, in the apparently vain hope that suddenly they will work on me, but they never do; I've learned not to buy them.
    Next in sneaker saga: I had a great pair of (normal ;)) Superga in ecru linen, but they started to stink. Because I agree with you on the sockie thing- and they were comfortable with bare feet.

    Steve Madden has some cute American flag sneakers (Liberty, I think they're called)I was all excited, because they have a bit of height, not too much, they were flattering to the leg and foot, and I liked the flag thing, and the foot bed was soooo comfortable BUT they fit so weird: my toe was hitting the front, while both heels popped out at every step. Absurd. Oh well.

    Have you seen Nine West's espadrille-sneaker things? They're really cute- linen and that espadrille straw round the edges, rubber sole- they look like summer Keds, but with a bit more height and just nicer. A bit pricey, but if they're comfortable.... I'm going to try them soon, see if they're worth it.

    I'm trying to copy the photo here but I don't think it's working- if it doesn't, for info they're called "Kadence", and they have 3 different colors as far as I know.

    Love your blog!! :)

  10. they have them in grey!:) Still can't paste the photo :(

    1. These?


      Interesting! Definitely report back.

  11. I don't know-your link isn't opening for me! But reading it it looks like it might be them :)I'm also remembering that that the grey might be veering a bit more towards khaki in real life, or do they also have khaki...? Not sure- I'll report back when I try them too

  12. I bought a pair of Bensimons a couple of years ago and absolutely lived in them. Loved them. Wore them with everything.
    Wore them so much so that I need to replace and so am auditioning the Old Navy knock off version this year.
    Haven't done so yet as we still have a actual snow on the ground here (Ontario, ugh) but soon. Soon.
    Anyway - crazy cheap right now. Might be worth a try.



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