Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Act Now.

M: My friend Lili just sent me this:

Even though it spoils the surprise, I found what I'm getting you for your birthday. Price is no object.

Chanel Waist Pouch

M: Do you remember Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret? This is kind of what I imagined sanitary napkin belts to look like.

A: Well! That is just the thing for discreetly carrying around some OB tampons. YOU NEVER KNOW.

M: So practical!

A: I'm really not sure how I've lived this long without it, to be honest.

M: It's truly one of a kind.

A: Basically a bargain at $1,540. I mean, you could only buy, like, nine pairs of really fancy jeans with that.

M: And none of those jeans would be mistaken for an antiquated sanitary napkin belt, so.

A: Exactly! That is a really important detail.

A: Wait. Why do I want an antiquated sanitary napkin belt again?

M: Because it's Chanel?

A: Right! This is my favorite part:

NOTE: This is an authentic vintage bag. Gentle wear reinforces the piece's authenticity.

M: Don't get crazy now. Gentle.

A: But, but, how does "gentle wear" translate to obviously authentic?

M: Better question: how do they have TWO of these treasures?

A: One for each of us! But seriously. TWO people were dumb enough to buy this thing new?

M: TWO! It's like finding two unicorns.

A: Two very unattractive, overpriced, unicorns.

M: That hold tampons.

A: But only the kind without applicators!

M: Environmental!

A: No thank you!


  1. Replies
    1. Ugh, I TOLD Marianne we shouldn't post this. Now everyone has one but us!

  2. That is because I bought them both for you two, SOOPRISE!

  3. I'd obviously get one but I'd prefer one in puce or chartreuse. Obviously.

  4. How did I miss this post? I guess I'm just coming on here every day with the same comment: you guys make me laugh.

    I could never figure out the sanitary napkin belt either, when reading about it. Now I know.