Wednesday, April 17, 2013

We Are Very Old.

M: Target jumps the shark:

star print bodysuit

A: I have three!

M: I am lighting a candle for your...areas.

A: There is nothing quite like a crotchfull of snaps for comfort.

M: Indeed. There is also this, which looks SO well made and nicely cut, doesn't it?

black jumpsuit

A: That And if there's one thing Target doesn't do well, it's tailored.

M: Who is this Kate Young anyway and why won't she get off my lawn?

A: What, you mean this isn't for you?

strapless ruffle dress

M: Cotdamn kids and their rock and roll music.

A: Back in my day...


  1. Is that first look a bodysuit under a pair of satin shorts? Because, why?

    On the other hand, her lipstick looks fab.

  2. The outfits the Fug Girls posted from the red carpet event aren't much better, now I know why.

  3. "A: There is nothing quite like a crotchful of snaps for comfort."

    I died.


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