Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marianne: Thinking about Spring/Summer Hair

I am a summer person, full stop. I like the heat, love the clothes, and would happily spend my days in a pool. But there is one down side to summer, my hair. I have curly hair and the humidity and sweat of summer makes it go berserk. It's only April and I'm already starting to see the humidity creep up and my hair get more and more unruly. I tend to pull it on top of my head in a careless bun, but this year I'm determined to have pretty hair even if it's hot and humid outside. So when BlogHer asked us to feature some of their hair videos, I was all about this how-to video on creating a loose, sexy bun:

Make sure you watch to the end so you can enter to win up to $250! That's good shoe money, y'all.
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I love a low bun, but I'm also intrigued by messy, pretty braids when the temperatures rise. Here are a few that I've been pinning lately:
How about you? Does warmer weather make your hair go crazy, or do you look forward to the heat and humidity?


  1. Those styles are lovely. I used to have the same summer hair problem until - I know this sounds gross - I switched to the no-shampoo method outlined in the book Curly Girl. Years of desperation drove me to it, and after a couple of uncomfortable weeks, it turned to MAGIC. I used to use Devacurl products, but now I am all hot for Jessicurl's Hair Cleansing Cream. Summer's got nothing on my superconditioned hair now!

    YMMV but might be worth checking out. My hair is dry, coarse, and wiry. I can also recommend some superthick conditioners if you think they might help.

    1. I actually JUST got a travel set of the DevaCurl no-poo, conditioner, etc. I am excited to try it!

    2. Oh yay! Report back!

  2. I'm with you - my hair is insane in summer, but I love the sunshine and warmth and dresses and cute shoes so much I am wiling to try to deal with the hair situation.

  3. Braids are such an easy way to create a "hair do"! I have straight hair, so wether I leave the braids in or take it out for a crimped look, braids are a versatile go-to style, from formal to casual occasions. It will never go out of style for me!