Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Never Stop Yapping About This Stuff.

A: I just got an aerosol spray bottle of water. For my face. I'm such a tool.

M: Spray. Water?

A: Shut up.

M: I just...I don't understand, Adrien. Make me understand.

A: Alright. It's a bottle of French thermal spring water that you use instead of tap water and it's supposed to make your skin look awesome. I read about it on Wardrobe Oxygen and also maybe Garance uses it. Shut up.

M: ....

A: I'm sorry, are you not the one who bought a hotel-sized bar of magical soap? For $25?

M: But I mean, at least that is soap. Don't get me wrong, if this water works somehow I will be first in line to buy it. It does sound refreshing.

A: It has very good reviews online, but that might just be people trying to justify spending $12 on a bottle of water. (And it's not just water! It has minerals and stuff. It's healing. Shut up.)

M: I want this to be miracle water.

A: I do too! I will report back. Now, tell me more about this Goe oil you bought. Do I need this?

M: Well. I was having a bad day when I read about it on Girls of a Certain Age, and decided it would be a nice Mopey Pregnant Lady treat. I love the way it smells, but some people might not. It smells like classic sunscreen with faintly tropical flowers. I don't like strong scents and I like it. It comes out like vaseline but warms to a dry oil that soaks in really quickly.

A: It sounds intriguing for summer. I love the smell of Coppertone and the like.

M: I only had a chance to use it on my hands and arms this morning but I look forward to slathering it on. A little seems to go a long way, which helps justify the price. Kind of.

A: It seems like no matter what body lotion/oil/cream I try, I always go back to Aveeno.

M: I ran out of my Curel Anti-Itch lotion and I need to replace it. It's seriously so good.

A: I should try that! And then go back to Aveeno. Heh.

A: On a slightly different note,  I've rediscovered my Laura Mercier Radiance primer and now my face looks way less consumptive. It's really amazing.

M: I wish that Laura Mercier stuff didn't give me a rash. I mean, what the hell. BUT, I am 100% in love with my NARS tinted moisturizer and primer. It is the first tinted moisturizer I have ever used that you don't feel sitting on your face. Like, it feels like an actual lightweight lotion, but has great coverage.

A: That is absolutely the next one I buy. I am dying to try it and you are a terrible enabler.

M: I'm sorry! It is so perfect for summer, though.

A: Yeah, the Josie Maran one is way too heavy for summer and the Laura Mercier TM tends to oxidize on me in hot weather. NARS! NARRRRRRRZZZZZZ.

M: Give in to the NARS! They have the bossiest name.

A: It's like a really snotty way to say no. Mother may I? NARS.

M: Heh.

A: And oh man, Urban Decay has new colors for my favorite 24/7 liner and I want them, even the glittery ones that are not age-appropriate and which will most likely blind me.

M: Glittery eyeballs are trending. So is blindness.

A: #owmyeyes

M: I am always so fascinated with colorful eyeliners and then I wear black or brown forever and ever amen.

A: I occasionally wear a shimmery olive green or purple or gold liner. It's fun.

M: You know me, I just want the drag queen KAPOW definition.

A: Oh, I get you. I have started filling in my brows which makes a huge difference. I won't tell you about my brow powder because you will yell.

M: Let me guess, you bought it in middle school with your babysitting money? ANYWAY, I have also been on the brow train and is eyebrow balding a thing? Because mine are looking pathetic unless I fill them in. I like the Anastasia pencil and brow gel.

A: According to Lisa Eldridge our brows do start to thin as we age into wrinkled, sad crones. THANKS, LISA.

M: That's not very nice!

A: Blame Lisa! She said it. Also, I'm older than you, so.

M: No one thinks you are older. You have some decrepit portrait in the attic, I just know it.

A: Oh, I totally do. And you are beautiful! Good lord.

M: ANYWAY MOVING ON AGAIN. My skin has rejected the Argan oil I've been using and I finally broke down and bought another bottle of the Nip + Fab Moisture Fix and I love it, the end. (disclosure, last year I was given a bottle of the stuff but I liked it enough to buy it myself this time)

A: I've stopped using Argan oil as well. Now I'm just using Cerave PM and the retinol stuff my friend Wren recommend. My skin is pretty good, but it could be better. Hence the fancy thermal spring water in a can.

M: Confession: as soon as I can (meaning, post baby, etc), I am going to try a prescription retinol. BURN IT OFF.

A: Me too! Me too! BURN IT! BURRRRRN IT.


A: Is it lunchtime yet?

M: Just about! I'm hungry.


  1. I bought that Avene spray in a Paris pharmacy last year because Gwynnie Paltrow told me that it (along with several other products) would make me younger, prettier and better.
    I give a spritz over my makeup and honestly, I'm not really sure why.

    Oh, and a tip from me to you: If you also bought dry shampoo in a similar-sized bottle, don't keep it near the Avene. Because when you spray yourself in the face with the wrong one, it's a bad scene.

    1. Goddamn Paltrow, it figures. So far my face seems to really love this stuff, but time will tell. And I'm dying re. the dry shampoo. Are you blind now?

    2. OMG I did the same thing with the Avene and dry shampoo, luckily it was just overpriced water in my hair and not the other way around!

  2. Not blind, but I was definitely late for drinks that night.

    So I've also re-discovered my Laura Mercier Radiance primer, then remembered why I stopped using it. When I put on foundation over it, it looked all cakey and flakey and I use a pretty light hand with both. I love the idea of it for night, but it looked Bad.

    1. Deirdre, have you tried mixing a little in with your foundation instead? I've gotten much better results that way.

    2. No, but I will try. Thanks!

  3. Oooh, I have the Nars too, and I love it. I went to Sephora hoping to get a few samples of different tinted moisturizers to try, but the dude there was like, lemme save you the trouble, here's the one sample you need. And he was so right. Good stuff.

  4. I came to this post to ask how you liked the Avene, but now I have a mega shopping list. Damn you two fabulous women!!!

  5. I know the thermal water is expensive- that's why I don't buy it in the states BUT it is good- honestly. (shut up) It is. There's a method though: do your usual cleansing routine at night- when you're all barefaced, pre-moisturizers and whatnot, spray your face until it is almost dripping. Then LEAVE IT. let it dry. Then do your thing.

    Ditto morning, post-shower, pre-stuff. I personally like Avene the best...Vichy's pretty good too. Don't groan, but I didn't understand what the big deal was when I was using Evian (except for the refreshing side to it)but it was when I started using Avene. Roche Posay and RoC are good too.

    I like to keep it in the refrigerator, too, in summer- it's so good :)

    you guys are too funny :)

    1. Thanks! I will try that. So far I like it a lot.

  6. oh! I just noticed you got Avene- perfect! I flashed by it and thought it was Evian. Enjoy!

  7. And I just so happen to have a 15% off code for Sephora today. Off to shop for fun-colored eyeliner. Thanks, ladies!

  8. I used to use the Evian face spray stuff and did enjoy the effects but felt pretty stupid paying a lot of money for water. I use Avene cleanser though and really love it. Damn you goop.

    I swear by my Anastasia pencil and brow gel, and get so many compliments on my brows!


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