Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sandals Are Hurting Me.

A: Will you help me pick some black heeled sandals to replace my Frye Iris

M: Of course. You want a heel or a wedge?

A: Heel, but something walkable. Like maybe these:

Miz Mooz Calypso

M: Well those are cute. I like these but I don't know if I'd call them walkable. Cute, though:

Splendid Davenport Sandals

A: Oh, I'd bust my ass in those. I'm also tempted by something like this even though I know they'd tear my tender flower feet all to pieces:

M: Those are total Swedish Hasbeen knockoffs. They do require breaking in but they are the kind of shoes you'll have for 20 years once you do.

A: Yeah, but will I want to wear them in 20 years? 

M: You might! Man, everything I'm finding is either dumpy or way way too high.

A: Thank you, right? There is such a fine line between dowdy and wearable-cute. 

M: They get so close and then something goes terribly wrong:

Cobb Hill Cameron

A: I can't even put my finger on what's terrible about those but they are terrible.

M: Awful, right? 

A: They are making me SAD. 

M: Are these cute? I don't even know any more:

Pink & Pepper Circuit

A: Two words: Synthetic leather.

M: Well I'm SORRY. I like these a lot, but too high. 

A: I'm just saying! Those are cute, but I would fall and fall. Maybe these?

Coclico Lotus

A: I mean, I know they're a wedge and also bright blue, but I KNOW I like them. 

M: Okay, now you are changing the parameters.

A: Ignore the blue wedges! I can't afford them anyway.

M: Wait, you can stop searching because I have found The Ones.

A: Shit. Go for it.

M: I don't think you're ready.



Dr. Martens Tara Lace Sandal

A: You are a bad friend.

M: Heeee.

A: ....

M: Oh stop pouting.

A: .....

M: You big baby:
Coupleof Tux T-straps

A: Fine, those are acceptable.

M: I also love these. I pinned them over a year ago and still love them:

Madewell Andie

A: Oh, those are really cool but definitely more you than me. 

M: Also tall. Who are these people wearing 6 inch heels everywhere?

A: I saw one of them teetering grimly across a parking lot the other day. It looked hard. 

M: I am good at walking in heels, but I have crap to DO. I can't be mincing around like a newborn fawn.

A: I'm okay at walking in heels but there are heels and there are heels

A: Hold the phone. The one place I didn't check? FRYE. I'm so dumb. Check these out: 

Frye Skyler Seam
Nice, right? And even better in metallic:

Frye Skyler Seam
M: Oooh, yes. Yes yes. Oui.

A: But damn it. Why are they priced like boots? I need to lie down. 

M: Shopping is haaaaaarrrrd.



  1. Love those last Frye ones! Also, I don't know what's cute anymore either. I guess I do, but I see so much bad stuff that I start to question.

  2. I'd go with wedges. Way easier to walk in. And something about those Frye heels looks clunky and heavy.

  3. You people are evil. Now I want those Fryes as well, but it's never going to happen.
    That said, I do like the Hasbeens in bright colours, though I don't think they are great in black. It's like they are taking themselves too seriously or something.
    have you looked at Clark's Indigo line? They sometimes have cute and walkable stuff, too. I have a GREAT pair from a couple of years ago.

    1. I love the Fryes but they are really expensive. I'm not sure why? Damn, Frye.

  4. I just ordered the Madewell Andie sandals you pictured (they had a 25% off sale on recently, I don't know if it is still going on).

    They haven't arrived yet - I'll let you know what I think once they do.

  5. Directly (dis)proportionate, is my theory: generally the cuter the shoe, the more uncomfortable it will be.

    And the sexier the shoe, the wilder and more creative the discomfort factor. (Especially considering what you have to do in them; wear long gowns or short skirts, walk with especial elegance on various, unknown floors, balance a small plate,wine glass and nibble finger food, be tipsy, dance, etc)

    I have the H&M Swedish Has-beens knockoffs, which I can't bring myself to get rid of because they are super adorable (cuter than the real thing, actually) but they are the most uncomfortable things ever. It's like a bad relationship "You're so adorable, but you make me miserable, but you're so adorable"

    I have ventured into Dr Scholl territory. Go ahead, google and laugh: "Dr Scholl "Dance Clogs":A blend of (nimble?)garden gnome and highly questionable aesthetics.
    And I don't even have the "I'm a nurse" excuse for wearing them.
    They were $25 and had hundreds of rave reviews, my curiosity got the better of me.


    The very real fear being that if they are truly as comfortable as everyone claims, I'll be popping out to the store with them. Then to the movies, then...then to Fashion Hell, I suppose.
    Well, they haven't arrived yet, we'll see; they might be unbearable or unwearable or both.

    In the meantime, I did catch a glimpse of a couple other Dr Scholls sandal-heel (normal ones :))that don't look so bad, sortof along the lines of some of your examples...?
    Only because Dr Scholls should mean something, right? That at the very least, they'll be good for your feet? So worth looking at? I'm forcing myself in these directions, for love of my feet. Doesn't mean I won't buy some completely unreasonable sky-high teetering nonsense as well, but it's an attempt at rationale...

    As usual, can't copy images, google these perhaps:

    Dr Scholls "Pondering" wedge, the "Moonlight" wedge, the "Candid" wedge...

    Otherwise, many- if not most- of Clarkes sandals make me recoil, since most immediately conjure up images of being worn with wool socks somehow, however I know from experience (happened upon an amazing pair of heels there once, that served me very well for work) that they are tremendously well-made and often extremely comfortable and every once in awhile they come out with something normal looking that truly does the trick.
    Kyna Wit
    Caslynne Lizzie
    Rosa Central
    Woodward Alder

    1. Thank you for all the suggestions! I'll check them out. I am stubborn and believe there is definitely a middle ground. Cute, comfortable shoes exist, they're just very good at hiding and also generally too expensive.

    2. You might also check out the Barking Dogs blog. It focuses exclusively on the intersection of cute/comfort. (Although one woman's "cute" is another woman's "clunky.")


  6. Delurking here to say: I have Swedish Hasbeens in a light natural leather colour and I love them so, they are truly, truly comfortable and worth it...except if you want to wear them outside when there is rain, wet grass, puddles, etc, because they are made of raw untreated leather and wood. You can "treat" them with olive oil...I admit, I did it. It protects them but doesn't water-proof them. Not sure how I feel about mixing food and footwear like that, though.

    I was hoping, also, to entice you to provide some insight into http://www.thesartorialist.com/photos/41433/ ...:^)

    1. Thank you! I do really like the SH style sandals and it's good to hear they're worth the money.

      And that photo of Marianne's boyfriend? Totally.

  7. I have the Born Belinda and they are super comfy. I can do a couple of miles in them no problem.


    1. I was going to suggest these, and also the Born Adana.

  8. I love Miz Mooz sandals. Always comfy and you can find cute, cute shoes amidst some of their admittedly weird things.

    I have these and love them so much I bought them in another color. Super cute, very feminine and comfortable. And on SALE. http://www.6pm.com/miz-mooz-sailor-black?zfcTest=mat%3A1

    These are cute, too! : http://www.zappos.com/miz-mooz-fargo-black

  9. I am Swedish and have never owned a pair of clogs (Hasbeens are CLOGS people, remember)because my mother who was Irish said they were Bad For Your Feet (citing my Swedish auntie whose back was RUINED she said RUINED because of clogs) and when I was little they were all the rage and I never got any. No privilege, I had none. The make up there, Torpatoffeln, has been around for over a hundred years so very genuine as clogs go. Swedish Hasbeens copied and developed retro 70s styles that were made by the truckload back in the days, so no-one was first. People keep telling me that clogs are comfy but they seem so heavy and bleurgh I just cannot believe them. On the other hand I bought myself a pair of El Naturalista heeled booties (yiz wouldn't like them) that I just knew would be too high at over five cm but I still did it and they MURDER me if I walk in them any stretch at all. Why do all shoes have to be either flat or fecking skyscrapers? I ask you. So annoying.

  10. I actually really like the Miz Mooz - I have a pair of different sandals and they do well for walking and all-day wear. Nothing beats Frye, of course, but many of their shoes have heels that are too high (case in point - my Anna pumps - gorgeous but crippling to the point of impairment). The Frye Skylers above are pretty, but almost too delicate looking for daytime use. I like a little more clunk, I guess.

  11. Thanks for all the recs, you guys! I have two pairs of Miz Mooz already, which is why I'm leaning towards the first shoe I posted. We shall see...

  12. So my summer shoe of choice is this: http://www.fluevog.com/code/?p=2&view=detail&colourID=3076 I can't wear open-toed shoes because my right foot is screwed up, but the slingback thing seems to work. Also, these have enough of a 1940s thing going on without looking matronly or orthopedic.

  13. The most walkable heeled sandals I've ever worn are by Kork-Ease. I am normally incapabable of wearing heels due to messed up feet, but these are so comfortable.

  14. Follow up:
    Yeah, no....those Dr Scholl dance clogs came and they don't work- not attractive, and not very comfortable. I put them happily back in the box to promptly return. Just so you're not tempted, you know ;)

  15. Those blue wedge sandals made me think you might like these: http://www.dsw.com/shoe/audrey+brooke+teagan+wedge+pump?activeCats=&prodId=259809&category=dsw11cat270005&brand=&_DARGS=/dsw_shoes/WEB-INF/jsp/catalog/product.jsp.addToBag

    A friend has them and her footwear usually runs to Fluevog; she says they're comfortable.

  16. Update - got the Madewell Andie sandals today, and I'm wearing them right now in the office (had to try them on, didn't I?). They seem quite comfortable, a tiny bit stiff when I first put them on, but after about 1 hour of sitting around in them, they've softened up a bit.

    Heel is high, but the pitch is good, so comfortable. That is, if you like wearing a fairly high platform. Which I do.

    So I'm happy!


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