Monday, April 22, 2013

Marianne: Dolce Vita Isolde Thong Sandal Review

If this blog has done anything for me, it's taught me that what seems flattering in person can photograph really badly. Like this dress, for example. It's very comfortable and in person I think it's pretty cute, but in this picture I kind of look HUGELY PREGNANT. More than I actually am. I think.

But enough about that, let's talk about these shoes. Adrien and I both snagged a pair of these Dolce Vita Isolde Sandals (on major sale here!) from a now-defunct site that was having a 70% off flash sale. 70%! That's a lot of percents! They are very, very cute, but almost run too small. While they aren't the most comfortable sandals I own, they aren't terrible (though they shredded Adrien's feet, so be warned).
dress: Motherhood Maternity (similar here and non-maternity similar here)
shoes: Dolce Vita Isolde Sandal (another cute green t-strap sandal)
bag: Clare Vivier Messenger in Navy (a less pricey navy messenger)
necklace: Kate Spade Idiom Necklace in Hello Sunshine


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