Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Glamorous Blogger Text Convos.

A: I burned the everloving shit out of my hand this morning. I flat ironed my thumb.

M: Noooo

A: Big blister. So dumb.

M: I bought my first ever hair dryer/diffuser. No more going to work with wet hair.

A: Fancy!

M: It's time consuming.

A: I tried to take Fakeup photos.

M: My hair is so fucking high maintenance now.

M: I need to do that. My camera is too huge for selfies.

A: My photos were horrifying. I tried to use my iPhone reverse camera and I looked like a convict.

A: Faces of Fakeup meth:

M: Heeee. You are still cute.

A: Bleh.

A: I have to shampoo, condition, blow dry and flat iron daily. DAILY.

M: Ugh, I have ten tons of hair and to make it look best I have to shape each individual curl with 3 products.

M: And then dry with a diffuser the size of my baby.

A: I don't feel sorry for you, beautiful curl lady.

M: I'm having lunch with my boss so I'm trying to look nice.

A: Your hair is amazing. Worth the work.

M: Ughhhhhh

A: Hush.

M: It was a lot easier when I left it up to fate and just dealt with it looking bad half the time. Now it's like I own an exotic pet.

A: Haha. It needs it's own Louis Vuitton bag.

M: Each curl needs its own bag.

A: Each curl needs its own personal assistant to carry the bag.

M: Yes. And an umbrella man.

M: I have a head full of P DIDDY and J Lo.

M: Ha, my phone makes DIDDY all caps.

A: Oh girl, there's stuff you can buy for that.

M: Like...an umbrella?

A: ...Yes. Like an umbrella.

M: Clever.

M: Diffuser for the win!

A: I said goddamn.


  1. You two are hilarious. :)
    If you ever get tired of the curl routine (I had asked you about "how did she FASHION your curls?" but I don't think you responded- knowing full well how marvelous the result is, but how time consuming it also is...
    Anyway- if you want to go cheap and happy and easy- try this: L'Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Condiioner (it's new), then wrap your hair in a t-shirt, not a towel, out of the shower. Then use Pantene No Crunch Curl Whip Mousse. Twist, scrunch- or not- then put hair up high in a jammed bun (like a pony tail but you don't pull through the 2nd time) for a bit, while you're doing makeup, getting dressed, baby, driving, coffee, etc.
    Take out bun and let hair air dry, scrunch from time to time.
    I got sick of using Ouidad and etc etc- they work for a bit, then don't, too expensive, it's annoying. I haven't used mousse since...it came out in the 80s??! Can't think why not; it works. And the co-cleanse stuff is great- no frazzle, just dazzle. (note to self:contact L'Oreal and tell them I came up with their by-line.)
    (And I wish my camera photos came out that cute; and you- have you tried Wool Shake? A lot of people really like it.Your hair looks great, though, at least :))

  2. the grass is always greener on the other side... straight hair wants curly, curly hair wants straight... you both look cute to me, even if a tad high maintenance... xoxo.