Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stealth Cute.

M: Pornstache on Orange is the New Black is Liev Schrieber's half brother. I felt you should know


M: Yes yesss. He is cute IRL.

A: I will be the judge of that.

M: Hold pls.

A: He's okay. Nice eyes.

M: Much improved without the stache.

A: Definitely. His character is so pathetic and gross.

M: The grossest.

A: I get a gay vibe from that photo.

M: HA.

A: Maybe its the tank top.

M: I think he has a wife and kids. He's supposed to be very nice and funny.

A: That's cool too. He can stay.

M: I mean, it must be hard growing up with this.

A: I...yeah. Hard.


  1. Replies
    1. It's from when he was filming X-Men I believe.

  2. OMG. He is my number one right now, mostly based on his character from Weeds. Even the pornstache grossness couldn't deter my love. Also, if you like Liev, you need to be watching Ray Donovan. Super sexy.

  3. He looks more like an Ed Burns brother. /Deep thoughts