Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Adrien: Olivia Harris Hunger Smiths Satchel Review

So, you guys remember last week when I was all super-sad face over the Alexander McQueen padlock satchel? Oh, the blueness of it! So perfect, so ultimate. So much RAGE.

I told my friend Nina about it and she was sad for me because she totally understands the joy found in a perfect bag. (Seriously! They come with a pocketful of joy!) Anyway, the next day she sent me a link to this:

The Olivia Harris Hunger Smiths Satchel. And so on sale! SERIOUSLY ON SALE. God. I was actually mad because, while a blue leather bag is something I've wanted for a while, I wasn't actually planning on buying one right now. I had a credit with Amazon which made it more tempting but STILL. UGH.

But...the credit. shipping and returns.


I bought it and it arrived yesterday. I'm still mulling it over, but the color and size is great and I love the silver fang rivet hardware and weighty zipper- it gives it some edge. This bag is really well made with quality leather that is super-soft on the front and back and a shinier more durable leather on the sides, bottom and handles (where it'll get more wear.) I mean, it's basically a Gryson bag without the hefty price tag. The downside: The soft leather has some weird variations on the back and front. I don't know if it's just the nature of that particular leather or what but it's giving me a pause. This bag is available elsewhere, but not for anywhere close to the Amazon sale price. What do you think?

Is it a keeper?


  1. I don’t think the variation of the leather is noticeable in real life. And I mean, look at the photo of the back of the bag on the Barney’s site – your bag is much better. The color is perfection, the size suits you, and I love that the full zips down the sides make it so easy to get into. Having seen it and touched it, I think the quality is outstanding for the price. Don’t you dare return that!

  2. It's a lovely blue, but it's not the same blue as The Bag. So if that bothers you it bothers you, like. If you're uncertain I'd return it, it's not quite worth it for the price then unless it's the only ethically made bag out of China on the market (doubtful). :/


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