Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adrien: Kate Spade Lever-Back Earrings Review.

I don't buy much jewelry, mainly because I made my own for years and just never got in the habit. Also, the devil that is Forever21 pretty much ruined me because why spend $50 on earrings that might actually last when I can get a cheap-ass facsimile for $3? (Don't answer that.) Ugh. Anyway. When Stuff Jewish Girls Like posted a few months ago about a seriously great Kate Spade sale, I immediately bought these Lever-Back Earrings because she told me to:

When they arrived I instantly loved them. They're kind of ridiculously over-sized but I was not looking for a dinky little lady-like earring, I want them to get noticed. WHAT? MY EARRINGS? NOT SUBTLE THANKS!

Basically, these earrings are everything that is great about costume jewelry. The size says you're not trying to fool anyone but they're also well-made and the color of the stone is really beautifully saturated. I dig the lever-back because it means I might actually be able to keep them in my ears instead of  losing one the first time I wear them, which is normally how I do.

If you desperately desire the color I bought, they're available here (Full-price, but there's a 15% off code on the site, plus 2.5% back from eBates which I know you're using, right?)

They are also still available on the Kate Spade site in citrine for $19 (!) plus free shipping which is a great deal (plus 3.5% back from eBates blah blah blah just do it.)

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