Thursday, August 22, 2013

Marianne: Summer of the Caftan.

Back in May, when I was very pregnant and facing a long summer of my clothes not fitting, I declared that this would be the Summer of the Caftan. I was determined to bring back Mrs. Roper's finest outfits. But really, I only bought one. It's a good one though.

This fluid, super comfortable silk jersey caftan was an insomniac purchase off of eBay and came from Myanmar. Random, but it's so soft and easy to wear, and fairly flattering considering it's a big sack with a drawstring. Incongruously covered in what appear to be giant fingerprints?

I'm already thinking about buying a couple more caftans for wearing around the house. It's a slippery slope, but come on. This Natori caftan? Is so pretty.

And whoa, apparently the kind of people who swan around the house in caftans are willing to spend a lot of money on them. Case in point, this $900 Issa number (that is admittedly lovely):

And this gorgeous Tory Burch caftan, which is at least on sale (but still pricey):

This Rachel Pally caftan is pretty enough to wear to work and majorly on sale. I may have to pull the trigger and buy it for myself:

But for now I'll stick with my $20 Myanmar special, fingerprints and all. What say you? Would you wear a caftan? Don't knock it until you try it. Now, off to find my turban...


  1. I get claustrophobic just looking at it, and I'm even more cold-natured than Adrien. I feel like it would be so hot to wear in the summer that I'd be constantly pulling it up for a breeze on my legs. It must not be true, though, right? (That last one is to DIE FOR!)

  2. The first one looks like the aftermath of a murder. Yes, officer, I killed my boyfriend but dig this awesome caftan I did it in!

  3. ooooo I love caftans! love it!

  4. I wear them at home all summer (and we're talking an Australian summer, very hot) - can never wait to get home and get into one.

    I favour the cheap cotton ones from Etsy, handmade in India.

  5. I'm sorry, did you find that gorgeous thing you're wearing for twenty dollars? And it's silk? It's enough to make we want to move to America so it is.

  6. I would wear either of the super pricey ones when I'm chillin at home with Gweneth and Oprah.


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