Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fashion Olympics.

A: Um:

M: Effortless! Perfectly acceptable bike riding footwear.

A: She is gonna bust her ass.

M: Bless her heart.

A: She seems to be struggling. FASHION IS HARD.

M: "Why do the street style people like bikes so much? WHY?"

A: I think they're all hoping she will bust her ass. I know I am.

M: It's like the moddle Olympics. Up next, running across subway grates in stilettos.

A: Walking through traffic in heels is the gymnastics of the moddle Olympics:

M: Is she wearing an unfastened straight jacket? Don't answer that. I don't really care.

A: And finally, the main event! The sockless man stroll:

M: So many sweaty feet in one place should be illegal.

A: Someone is going to win the foot blister category for sure.

M: Gross.

A: Gold medal! In foot stank!

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  1. Cycling like that IS perfectly normal, you Americans you. It doesn't have to be all lycra and no mudguards, you know. (Is she going uphill? It does look a little strained.)

    1. Street clothes, sure. But 5" platform wedges? No. Sorry, just no.

    2. Oh live a little. I cycle in the clogs. But I have to plan my brakes a bit then... and I'd not cycle with the kid on the bike seat then. Pedalling is fine but hopping off is exciting.

    3. That sounded snarkier than I intended. It was more live a little and a cute smiley emoticon to go with it like. ;D

    4. I live in Europe and, as I live and breathe, I have never EVER cycled in platform wedges :)

  2. the bevy of sockless men:
    they look like they have been held against their will in their private boys elementary school and just escaped at age 25.