Friday, August 16, 2013

We Have Proof.

A: Watching Crazy, Stupid, Love.

M: Best ever.

A: Makeover scene.

M: My favorite part! Be better than the Gap.

A: Gosling's revulsion at the Velcro wallet!

M: I want that in GIF form.

A: I want to climb Gosling like a tree. LIKE A TREE.

M: Mhhmmm

A: I mean.

M: His booooooooddddyyyyy

A: Photoshop. It cannot be real.

M: Painted on abs.

A: Here you go:

M: Yes.

A: Even his legs are good.

M: He is ALL GOOD. Now I need to watch it again.

A: What's your Big Move?

M: God bless him he must never eat carbs.

A: Boiled chicken and spinach.

M: Vile protein shakes.

A: Poor baby.

M: He does this for us.

A: You are RIGHT. Bless you, Gosling. You love us and want us to be happy.

M: He is proof there is a God.

A: Yes. (I'm still a heathen.)

M: Well me too but honestly. Gosling.

A: Yars. 4Ever.


  1. Sh*t. That is all.


  2. Ladies- have you seen "Place Beyond the Pines"?

    If you haven't, you must.

    Before I saw it, I didn't really understand what all the fuss was about Ryan Gosling- I mean, I thought he was cute enough and everything but...

    Also- just so you can understand the import of it: I'm not into tattoos- especially bad ones. I'm not into motorcycles. I don't romanticize crime, I find small fairs and carnivals a bit depressing at times... Etc.

    In short, this movie couldn't have interested me less; we had free tickets and so we were like 'why not?' and went. I am so glad.

    The movie is really good... but Ryan Gosling? He's great. Magnetic. Fixating.
    Adorable. Even with all those terrible tattoos.

    (and the other characters are really good, too- Eva Mendes, her boyfriend, the boys...but Gosling? You leave the movie theatre and you're in love with him. Since you guys already are, it's just got to be that much better :))

    Well, you've probably already seen it, but just in case you haven't :)

    Love your blog always btw :)

  3. oops-forgot to put this in:
    make sure you catch the very first image :)