Monday, August 26, 2013

Adrien: Lessons.

Remember when I bought the tan Calvin Klein blouse and was trying to convince myself the color would work? While I think it could have been fine with the right accessories it really wasn't the most flattering color for me and I knew it. You would think I would've learned this lesson by now, but no. I ended up returning it and Nina found me the exact same blouse in a much more fun color:

It appears giantly huge on me but I think it'll look great in the fall with leggings, boots, and a long cardigan to pull it all together. Or tucked into a pencil skirt, perhaps? Or, as a flotation device, should get swept overboard while on a yachting trip. (Happens surprisingly often! Not really!) Anyway, I'm going to mess around with it some more and see what happens. It's a great color and I love the shiny gold buttons. Here are some details and stuff:

pants: Banana Republic (this year's version)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar CM sandals on sale!) 
bag: Juicy Couture (another great printed canvas tote.)


  1. I think the shirt looks perfect- size and color- on you. I don't think it needs a thing to "pull it together" ; that's a great outfit. And that bag is great, I love it ;)


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