Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Cat Eyes

Maybelline Volum Express Colossal Mascara is my absolute favorite. Marianne turned me on to it as her favorite and then immediately went and got a new favorite because that's how she do. I, however, love it enough that it's pretty much all I use despite having four other tubes of mascara sitting around giving me sad eyes. Too bad, other mascara! You lose.

But, I went to buy a new tube last week and saw this:


Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Cat Eyes! That is too many words! I'm an idiot and immediately wanted it just because it had animal print on the cap. Yes, my friends, I'm that easy. Put leopard print on it and I will probably paw it into my Target basket without hesitation. Plus, it promised to give me cat eyes! Hell yeah.

Or, as it turns out, not really. It's the exact same mascara but with a crappy, thin, curved brush and it's just not that great. It was harder to apply and the results seemed thinner and more clumpy.  I have much better results with the traditional brush, which gives my puny lashes thickness and length. Nice try, Maybelline. What else you got?

In more positive news, I implore you to go immediately to Sephora and check out the sale they're having on my very favorite Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners. They're selling a few of the crazier colors for $6 which is a really good deal. I bought a back up of my favorite purple, Ransom. It's not a subtle color, but if you have brown or green eyes you need it. Just do it. Do it. DOOOOIIIITTTT.

buy meeeeee

And report back.

PS. Sephora is offering 8% back on eBates right now. Just saying. (That's my referral link, just so you know.)


  1. My current favorite combo is two layers of Clump Crusher. Wait about 30 seconds so that they're sort of dry but not all the way dry. Then add one layer of Mabelline Rocket Volume Express. Yes, it's a process, but my eyelashes look AMAZING (if I do say so myself).

    1. I just bought the Rocket Volume! Apparently I wanted to literally answer my "what else you got" question.

  2. What does it mean when mascara (including the one you linked here) has multiple colors of black? How do you choose which black is the black you want? I feel like I've seen that in eyeliner, too -- like "Black" and also "Very Black." Help?

    1. I don't think it really matters. I usually go with "blackest black" or "glam black" but I'm pretty sure they're basically all just black.


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