Friday, August 30, 2013

Hate-F*ck Friday.

A: So, this hate-fuck convo on Twitter. What is this about?

M: Oh, I want to hate-fuck Robin Thicke.

M: A lot.

A: Dude.

M: Not sorry.

A: That might be worse than Heather wanting to hate-fuck Tucker Carlson.

M: No it is NOT.

A: He is Alan Thicke's kid!

M: No shame in Dr. Seavers game.

A: His hair is not okay.

M: What's wrong with his hair? Of all the things about him to find offensive. Hair?

A: Derp.

M: I have none problems with that.

A: I mean, he's an overall douche, yes. Yes?

M: Oh, certainly. A dirty bird.

A: I don't know anything about him, just assuming.

M: I watched the unrated Blurred Lines video (NSFW!) and Chris was like, "aren't you offended?" and...nope. Turns out nope. I unapologetically love the song too.

A: I must have a hate-fuck of my own. I can't think of one.

M: I'm disappointed. Surely there is someone.

A: I'll admit I thought Adam Levine was grody until I saw him interviewed and then I was all, OH.

M: Oh God, Adam Levine qualifies.

A: He's funny!

M: I think the Robin Thicke video is funny. I'll just see myself out.

A: I have not seen the video because I AM A GROWN PERSON.

M: Also, come on!

M: Pharrell really likes the goat!


M: It's inevitable.

A: Gonna watch this video. (again, really NSFW.) Hold pls.

M: Tick tock

A: OK, FIRST: Why don't my boobs look like that?

M: There there.

A: SECOND: I love Pharrell.

M: I love him too. Love love not hate love.

A: Love love. Okay, I just guffawed over, "Robin Thicke has a big dick."

M: Right? He's FUNNY.


M: There it is.


M: I knoooooow

A: I am watching it again. I hate you.

M: *pats head*

A: I'm converted. I hate myself.

M: *throws confetti*


A: Should hate fuck be hyphenated?

M: Gosh, I don't know. I don't think that's in the AP Stylebook.

A: The Internet says its hate fuck and hatefuck and hate-fuck.

M: Well there you go.

A: I might be overthinking this.

A: Or over-thinking.

A: Gah.

A: Should I star it through the whole entry or just the title? God.

(this is where things just devolve...)


  1. !!! thank you
    I could go on and on about him and this stupid song that I cant get out of my head and his eyes and sometimes a douche is hot. The End

    1. I have watched the video, like, six times in the past two days. I'm completely converted.

  2. Totally douchey, but I can't help loving it.

  3. Check out this link ladies. Robin was caught with his hand in the "cookie jar" so to speak.

    Check the reflection....

    1. Honestly I would expect nothing less.

    2. My husband would be so dead he would be reincarnated just so I could kill him again.

      Not to sound like a lunatic or anything. But I sort of am when it comes to my man.

      *Crazy eyes*

  4. When the video first came out, Billy Eichner tweeted "I feel like Robin Thicke wears panties sometimes and I'm okay with it." He just seems like he would be a dirty, dirty man and I have no problem with that at all. On the other end of the spectrum is the video he did with Jimmy Fallon where they're playing the song on elementary school instruments. That smile! Unf!

  5. To me Robin Thicke looks like a vastly less attractive Pierce Brosnan. I am sorry I looked at the clip of Miley and him. I can not erase these images. Whyyyyyy!? Ewwwwwwwwww! For the love of Aunt Jemima. both of them need a slap...

  6. At least Robin Thicke seems to be aware he's a douche.
    Which isn't as annoying as those who aren't...