Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ross Find: Calvin Klein Modern Essential Blouse.

I just did a lunchtime trip to Ross with my friend Nina and even though I tried on a load of stuff, I only bought one thing. But you guys, it's a really good one thing. I remember reading Caphillstyle's review of the Calvin Klein Modern Essential Blouse a few months ago and wanted to buy it but I thought the retail price was high for a poly blouse. I'd completely forgotten all about it until I ran into one on the Ross shirt racks. Score! It wasn't my size though. I found another one. Not my size. And another one. Not my size. Dammit.

I'm not your size.

I enlisted Nina's help (like you do) and she promptly found on the clearance rack in my size, but in a tan color I'd never ordinarily consider. This blouse is beautifully made, feels expensive and fits perfectly, but this color? I wasn't sold:

Bleak Ross lighting.
Then Nina threw her orange statement necklace at me and hey! Not bad at all:

Unintentional pigeon toes. Sorry.
So I bought it for under $20 because, fuck yeah, Ross. Nina found one for herself in a great orange color and promised to check the other Ross store this weekend for more colors. There are a bunch available online in a lot of colors (and price points) and I think if you spent less than $50 you'd still be getting a deal. However, the Ross prices ($16-$27) still beats that by a mile. Go find it!


  1. I love the cut of the shirt, but the pockets over either breast have gotten old fast. They remind me of large, square pasties.

  2. I appreciate your photos much more than the 6pm ones, which have the dumb model's hair blocking the top of the blouse. I never find good stuff at stores like Ross, but am often jealous of the great finds made by friends.

    1. Well, it remains to be seen if I can pull this color off, but if I can find one in black I will be REALLY happy.

  3. That necklace changes everything!


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