Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Because I Know You're Dying to Know...

Hi! It's been about two months since I last went on and on and on about my hair so I thought, "Hey, maybe they've forgotten how much I whine about my hair and will be willing to read about it again! Or! Maybe they forgets I have hair altogether." I can't let that happen.

The last time I posted about it the comments got pretty excitable and the consensus was that I should chop it off again. My hair was at a really awkward length and I was struggling with it. But no! I decided to give it the summer to grow and, like everything in the summer, it's been growing like a weed. Check it:

Shut up, it looks totally different than two months ago.

I'm pretty happy with it! It's still at a weird length where it's too short for a ponytail but too long to hang in my face at the gym (headbands have proven useless. Maybe cute bobby pins?) but it's starting to look like a deliberate length, not a half grown out cut. Here's what I've been using:

I will clean your hairs

I'm still liking Aveda Color Conserve but recently I got a sample of the Beauty Protector shampoo and conditioner through my Birchbox. (That there is my referral link, full disclosure). It smells a bit like candy but it makes my hair very smooth and shiny.

Downside, it's expensive and I'm positive there's a sulfate-free protecting shampoo/conditioner that works just as well and won't cost a fortune, but hey, I will use up these tiny bottles first before fretting over that. I am a fan of Alterna products, so I might try the Bamboo Smooth Duo next. (Not that it's any cheaper, really, I'm just curious.)

Maybe I'm awesome?

One thing I've decided isn't working is my Bumble & bumble Thickening Spray. It's gives a little grip but I think the Aveda Volumizing Tonic is a lot nicer to my hair. Neither of these products do dick for volume, though, it's more just for control.

tonic-y goodness

Okay, now you. What's your summer hair routine? What products do you swear by to combat humidity-derp? Seriously, I can spend 20 minutes flat ironing my hair and after two minutes outside my hair is flipping every which way. Very annoying.


  1. I've just started using Aussie You Can Shine hairspray/antifrizz spray, on top of all the other products I use to tame my frizz bomb: coconut oil leave-in and Frizz-Ease leave-in. I sprayed it all over the (air-dried) ends before going into the warm bath that is the outside world, and my hair ACTUALLY STAYED SMOOTH AND PRETTY.

    This stuff is pretty low end; I got it at CVS in a moment of desperation and hope. Unbelievably, it actually made a big difference for me.

  2. So funny that you should have a post about your hair because when I saw your post from Monday, I thought to myself..."I wish she'd cut her hair short again." Sorry!!! But I still think your hair is best when it's really short. It just suits your face better. But I can see wanting to try something different. I have a face that also really only looks good with short hair. I'd love to have long hair but it just doesn't work on my face.

    1. I should add, however, that you hair does look super healthy and shiny (unlike mine)!!

  3. I think this length looks great, but I'm curious to see it a bit longer too. How much longer do you want to go?

    1. I'm not sure yet! Just going to see what happens.

  4. What Sarah said. Although your hair is glossy and shiny! (But yeah, I like it better short, too.)


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