Monday, July 22, 2013

Adrien: No Help.

Oh my God, you guys. It's the Monday after my vacation and I almost got towed this morning (please don't mind me in my pajamas and flip flops running across the parking lot waving my keys! ALL GOOD NO REALLY.)  The humidity is making my hair all derpy and I didn't bother to tuck my shirt in and I JUST CANNOT WITH THIS DAY.

Anyway, I managed to clothe myself appropriately if not in a highly fashionable manner. Please be kind and behold:
Should I have tucked?
God, yes I should have.

But there's this.

Never mind, just enjoy the pretty bag.


  1. I'm sure you looked very fetching. I need more info, why on earth were you being towed? It was probably your own fault missy.

    1. Why you gotta be like that, bani? It absolutely wasn't my fault. My apt complex is paving in sections and they only let me know when my building's section is being paved, but not any of the others. So, when I got home late and there was nowhere to park near by building, I had to take my chances.(And no signs! Their were no signs.)

    2. I knew if I provoked you I'd get the story! Trolling like a bawse. (Sorry!) See, I thought you lived in a house, so couldn't figure out why you'd get towed there. Sounds a bummer, and also typical of road work. I cycle, and road maintenance thingies are the bane of my existence.

      PS do another outfit with it tucked because I can't use my imagination plz. :) It looks good untucked anyway!