Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Adrien: Simple Things.

I am going to go ahead and admit I occasionally struggle with simple things. Like, a white t-shirt should be the easiest thing ever, right? Wrong. At least for me. I always feel a little washed out in white even when I have a tan in the summertime. It seems too plain, too blank-canvasy. The Ann Taylor top I'm wearing is one I bought last year and wore exactly one time, despite loving the trapeze cut. (This tank has a similar great cut.)  But, this morning I pulled it out and was all, WHITE T-SHIRT. I CAN DO THIS. I paired it with sky-high wedges (older Chie Mihara but check this pair on sale) and weighty accessories so I felt less like a giant white t-shirt parade float. Successful?

Who's gonna fall? Me, that's who.

t-shirt: Ann Taylor
cropped pants: Banana Republic (similar)
wedges: Chie Mihara 
tote: Juicy Couture (this zingy canvas print tote is way cooler)
necklace: Ann Taylor (similar tassel necklace)
bracelet:  a gift (this silver version is nearly identical)


  1. You look great: simple and elegant.

    Also, time for me to weigh in on a topic long after everybody else has already had their say: Your hair is looking fantastic. Shiny. Straight but swoopy. Slightly Veronica Lake-esque across the brow. Clean but edgy. Okay, done now.

  2. I love those shoes! I see nothing but the fabulous shoes!

  3. I LOVE this outfit! I struggle with basics too, and need little details like those little buttons on the side. Also, whenever I wear platforms I totally have a Miss Congeniality moment at least once. I'm already pretty tall, so it looks really dramatic and is embarassing, but hey, anything for great looking legs, right?! You're adorable and I love your style!


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