Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Adrien: Beachy.

By the time you read this I'll be at the beach. BEACH. I know! So excited. So I made up a packing list:

- bikini
- sunscreen
- vodka

That's it, right? That's all I need? Okay, maybe a few more things. Here's what I'd take with me if I didn't need to save my money for fried food and the hotel:

First, I need a towel. But I don't want any old towel, I want a fancy-ass beautiful Jonathan Adler beach towel:

And a HAT. I need a hat, right? I want this wide brim hat by Rag & Bone:

But I want it to be $8. So, maybe this one instead. And what else? Sunglasses! I definitely need these Ray-Ban Round Glam sunglasses real bad: 

Finally, I need a cover-up. Something subtle, understated. Or, hell, maybe this Gottex silk pareo:

I'm all set, right? 


  1. Love the hat and the coverup! Otherwise, yes, you're all set with suit, sunscreen, vodka.

  2. So disappointed, I thought this was an intellectual blog. Where's the obligatory BOOK?