Friday, July 26, 2013

Adrien: Oooh, Delicious Sale Bags.

I've been nosing around the Last Call by Neiman Marcus site lately and you guys. So many great handbag bargains! It's nearly the weekend and I know you're done and just want to look at shiny things until 5pm, right? Of course.

 Even though I have a lot of bags, I can always find a niche for something new and special, like this awesome shiny silver Cole Haan Haven Tote bag:

Sleek metallic pebbled leather for under $100? Holy shit, you guys.

And while this Kelsi Dagger Diagonal Zip Hobo bag isn't under $100, it's such an unusual color that I want to buy it immediately:

And the lining is really, really cool too. I'm a sucker for a pretty lining. I also like this Kooba Carmine Side-Bow Shoulder Bag:

You really can't beat a good slouchy leather hobo in an interesting color. I'm a fan. If you want something small and classically structured instead, this Pour la Victoire Provence Zip-Front Crossbody Bag is basically perfect:

I mean, assuming you don't carry a crap-load of stuff. You don't need all that stuff anyway. Get rid of it. Now, since you're traveling light you definitely want to carry what's left in this bright blue Foley + Corinna Tiny City Crossbody Bag. It is the damn cutest thing ever and so on sale:

Amazon also has it under $100 in a few colors as well. God, what are you waiting for? You don't really need to pay that electricity bill anyway.

Have a great weekend, you guys.

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