Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reader Question Part 2: Diaper Bags That Look Like Real Bags

Last week I showed you just a few regular bags that I thought would make great diaper bags, but it made me think, can I do the reverse? Can I find some cute diaper bags that you could carry once the kid was out of diapers? I love a good challenge.

For starters, our reader Carolyn ended up buying the Storksak Olivia Diaper Bag. She wasn't going to buy a traditional diaper bag, but loved this one in person. I like the solid color and luxe looking fabric (heavily patterned bags scream diapers to be), and the handles. This creamy champagne color would look great year round, and I think I'd use this as a work bag post baby. I also REALLY love the Storksak "Kate" Bag.

Continuing my search, I found this Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-A-Baby Diaper Bag. This is the diaper version of another Marc Jacobs bag, so I like it. It's really casual, but would make a good tote for the pool or playground, and it comes in loads of great colors and patterns (I love this one!).

I'm not usually a fan of faux leather, but it kind of makes sense for a bag that is going to potentially hold dirty diapers and leaking bottles. The sleek look of this Tim & Leslie "Charlie" Diaper Bag looks grown up and hides the potentially stinky contents in high style.

I think my favorite option is this Danzo Baby Retro Diaper Bag. I love the classic dome shape, absolutely nothing about this screams diaper bag to me. I kind of want it!

I have to say, even though I turned my nose up at diaper bags, there are a lot of really cute options out there that I would carry happily. What do you think? Would you carry one of these as a handbag, or am I kidding myself?


  1. I had a Timi and Leslie bag, and it was good for what it was, but the fake leather handles peeled after a while. My sister-in-law had the same bag, and hers still looks fine, so I can only conclude that I am really hard on bags.

  2. Good one, Marianne! I have a friend who had a lovely bag that I was very surprised to hear was a changing bag - green corduroy it was. Maybe from Oilily, their bags are popular here. Also OiOi. I think, it's been years since i thought about getting one. I looked at them for a bit when I was shopping for a new bag only a few years ago, because I thought well, they will have compartments at least! but the ones I saw then seemed very nappy-ish.

    That last one is very nice!

  3. I'd carry the last one, and my last baby is almost 8.