Friday, July 19, 2013


(We have a guest in today's email! Marianne's friend Lili sent us an email.)

Lili: I don't know who else to share this with, but! It's Hot Guy Friday and if you can't wonder about the great Hollywood hot man science underworld on a Friday, then when can you? CLEARLY they have cloned Brad Pitt's replacement and it's freaking me out, man!

M: You need to watch Sons of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam is UNH. Good stuff.

L: Is that a television show? Because if it is, I will put it on my television then lick the screen.

A: It IS a television show. Hang on, I'm quitting my life right now so I can go home and just watch that show.

M: Yes! He was also on Undeclared as a young thing. a fan.



M: Not to treat him like a piece of meat but his BODY! Meat!

L: OK, all of this is true and he's so hot that I'm glad that I'm in an overly air conditioned office so my lady sweat is fought off before it's first glisten makes its way down my temple, BUT! But. How did the they do it? How did they much such a Pitt-a-like?

A: Cloning.

L: God bless you science.

M: Hot Guy Science! I want to go back for my PhD.

A: This is better than Jumpy Ball. Can we each clone a Cavill for our own personal Superman usage?

L: When I had my babies artificially created in a laboratory and unromantically placed inside of me, the man handling them was called Eric the Hot Embryologist (probably not his real name). I sometimes wished that he'd accidentally "switch" my husband's sample with his own. And that's how hot babies are made.

M: This is how you get more women interested in Science, see. Maybe David Gandy can teach a course on Advanced Smolder.

L: Advertise with this:


M: Science!


  1. In that last picture, he kind of looks like Jesus . . . except not.

    1. He can be my Jesus any day.

      If y'all are getting a Cavill I definitely want one too. I'm picturing Oprah going "YOU get a Cavill and YOU get a Cavill." I'm pretty sure he'd be one of Oprah's favorite things.

  2. Wow, Charlie looks SO different than on Undeclared, when he was so young and cute and bleachy blonde!

  3. Love him! I think he is much hotter than Brad Pitt.


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