Monday, July 8, 2013

Adrien: Oh, Monday.

I had a four-day weekend and went a little feral there at the end. This morning I was very confused by the idea of getting dressed for work. I batted at my clothes, hooted and threw things like a monkey. NO NO NO. THIS IS NOT A BATHING SUIT OR PAJAMAS. WHAT THE CRAP. I finally gave up and put this on:


dress: Merona (similar watery print dress)
shoes: Miz Mooz (similar style, same color!)
bag: Andrea Brueckner (similar black satchel)
necklace: Ann Taylor Shimmer Stone pendant

****************PS. New stuff listed in our shop!***************


  1. Omigod that is the best Monday dress ever because I know it was easy to put on but you look like a million bucks!

  2. Oh you moanie moaner, that's a fantastic dress. Very versatile! I'm in my summer uniform of linen trousers myself. All. The. Time.

    1. Waaaah. But thanks! I do love this dress.

  3. for what it is worth....your hair is great :)

  4. Holy crow your hair is getting long. It looks GREAT!

  5. Thanks, all! I am trying, really trying, to let my hair grow out this summer. I think I just got past a super-awkward stage and now I'm liking it a lot more. We shall see.

  6. Yeah, the hair! It's great! I'm just a step or so ahead of you in growing out and I love reaching a new stage. I'm always just about to cut it all off in frustration when I reach a better length. Never had long hair in my life and I figure I better get to it before I'm too old to wear it.