Monday, July 29, 2013

SHobbits In The Wild.

A: Hey, this blogger thought she saw the SHobbit on the train!

M: That guy looks normal-sized, I don't know.

A: He does look leggy. And what are the odds that he'd carry a Costco bag in public?

M: Negative thirteen. Also that dude's legs are too slender. Sorry, SHobbit.

A: But it does look like him. I think the important thing here is that if you even think you see the Shobbit, take a photo and send it to us.

M: Always. This goes double for handsome men.

A: #duh


  1. Never mind the Costco bag, I'm pretty sure that arrogant man would never be caught dead on the subway!

  2. Also, no one had told me the SHobbit's earlobes were attached. This is vital information and I do appreciate you weighing in. I must say, though, that while the fellow on the subway was not "normal-sized," I do think the Costco bag kills it.

  3. Look how startled he is! Caught by the camera while hunting his prey.

  4. I just realized what is so annoying/hilarious about all of the SHobbit's photos.

    He's making the Zoolander "Blue Steel" face in every photo!


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