Monday, January 27, 2014

Adrien: Monday Slump.

Hello! It's Monday and, by God, all I wanted was to be relatively comfortable. That was my goal. This goal started with my newish and beloved 7FAMK brushed twill jeans (reviewed here) which are pretending to be work appropriate pants. 

I can't remember the brand of the top I'm wearing, but this one is vaguely similar and probably more flattering. I love a flappy, loose top. The sweater is Banana Republic which I remember liking in the store but I didn't actually buy it. Then Nina found it at a thrift store because she's Nina and only she can manage such things.  A beaded/embellished cardigan is a nice thing to have - comfortable and still fancy. Maybe check out this one. Oooh, or this one! (But not this one because wow.)

My shoes are Chie Mihara (no longer available but this pair has the same flair) and I am going to be so sad when they eventually die. I don't wear heels very often, but these are worth it. 

Just for the sake of style blog science (totally a thing) I snapped the cardigan all the way up so you could see the beaded detailing better:

Yep, nope. Bad idea. I immediately unsnapped it. Here is an obnoxious close-up:

The cool necklace I'm wearing was made by the talented Eliza Spell. Bag 'n shoe deets:

 Have a good week, everyone.

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  1. Style blog science is DEFINITELY a thing, and I appreciate that you work to satisfy it :)


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