Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day Shoppy.

A: Okay, so I bought that necklace from the J Crew sale and it's basically the only thing I've bought in weeks. I hate everything in my closet but I also hate winter.

M: I want that dang necklace SO BAD. And the sweatshirt. But what I need are skinny jeans. My favorite jeans are getting too big. Which yay, I guess, but also boo because jeans shopping.

7 For All Mankind at ShopStyle

A: I have those jeans too and I love them even though they slide down. Where are the magic skinny jeans that stay put?

M: My parameters: must not be stupidly expensive, must have a real waistband because no, must have a dark wash and mid-rise. Go!

A: What in the CRAP with the waist on that second pair.

A: Maybe these:

Citizens of Humanity at ShopStyle

M: I was literally JUST looking at those! These have promise, no? And they are such a good price!

A: I would buy those Joes right now if I needed jeans. I do not need jeans.

M: I literally do not have a single pair of skinny jeans that fits properly. I actually have one pair of jeans that fits well, period. The sevens fall down and my old Gap 1969 Real Skinny jeans are baggy in the knees. Did I lose knee fat?

M: ANYWAY, I also really like these but oof. Pricey:

Hudson Jeans at ShopStyle

A: I don't love the whiskering on those. I am all about the plainest jeans I can find.

M: Yeah, me too. Hudson fits me really well, though. Or they used to, before I lost all my knee fat.

A: I have only tried on weird Hudson styles I found at TJ Maxx that nobody else could wear either.

M: Well I should say this is all based on a pair that is at least 6 years old. Good jeans though!

A: I want to buy things but I don't actually have any needs. Wait, I might need this:

Alexander McQueen at ShopStyle

M: That's a need for sure.

A: No, I NEED IT. And this one for work:

Alexander McQueen at ShopStyle


A: I also just want a bunch of things that are cashmere.

M: Yes. I eyed a cashmere throw the other day and wondered if I could pass it off as a scarf?

A: Are cashmere sheets a thing?

M: Well they SHOULD BE. I'm cold.

A: Me too. I'm a shivery poodle.

M: Is it March yet?

How about now?


A: *quietly weeping*


  1. As shocking as it was to me, New York and Company's high waist jean leggings are awesome. The name is sort of a misnomer because they are definitely mid-rise, not high waist. They are also stretchy, but not leggings. They are not sticking to my ankles, but there is definitely some room down there. I think they should be called "dark wash mid-rise stretch skinny." Anyway, they are REALLY cheap and really awesome. I highly recommend them if you have the bigger tush/hips and smaller stomach problem that I have. I did size down, which I recommend. They are also good if you're still losing weight because it won't break your heart to donate/consign them because they are so cheap.

    1. I'm intrigued! Are they heavy? I don't want anything too thin. And I'm pretty tall, are they long?

    2. They are heavy enough for me to wear in dc winter. Aka snowy grossness and 11 degrees outside. They are a softer finish though. I am 5"5' (or five foot five I don't know how to write it haha) and when I wear boots I have to roll the cuff up one time. With flats I keep them unrolled bc I sort of like the scrunchy look at my ankles. Is that weird?

  2. You could get your current pairs tailored...

    1. I thought about that, but it would be pretty major alterations and I can't resell them if I've altered them. I haven't 100% decided whether or not I'm going to sell them, so for now I'm going to leave them as is. Does that make sense?

  3. There's a post from the Man Repeller website where a cashmere throw was used as an enormous scarf, it looked pretty good.

  4. My fav skinny jeans are AG Stevies, which are pricey but come in great washes, the right length, and don't sag around my waist or fall too low. My fav cheap-os are the Gap jean leggings - don't buy 'em without a coupon code, but they are great and come in lots of washes as well as petite and tall sizes. They're mid-rise and fit extremely tightly around the calves/ankles, which makes 'em great for boots. AG Stevies are looser around the ankles/calves - more straight cut than "jeggings." The Gap leggings are crazy comfortable and a thinner denim than the AGs.

  5. I've really been liking J Crew denim. It's got some spandex so it's comfortable and it adjusts a bit to fit my specific proportions; but not so much spandex that it bags out during the day. There aren't any "whiskers" on the pairs I've bought, either. The toothpicks are quite snug around the ankle, and the matchsticks are pleasantly slim without being as ankle-hugging. They're just good, basic jeans that are really flattering. Also, with the 40-50% promotion that's running right now there are some pretty good deals (well, relatively speaking anyway); the tall toothpick in the dark classic rinse is $60 right now and I'd say they are screamingly worth it. I wear mine all the time and I love them.

  6. The Levi skinnies are good for small waists, like the demi or bold curve. I liked them more than I thought I would, and they come in long lengths like 32 and 34 inseam (I'm 5'9").

  7. Agree about Levis. Low risk investment, good fit for curves. Please let us know when you're ready to sell those jeans, umkay?

  8. I'm such a lame-o that I actually had two pairs of those weird waistband pull on Jag Jeans. One awesome thing about them is that they are great to wear shirts untucked, because there is no button to rub holes in your shirts (is that only a thing that happens to me?) and the shirt looks totally flat - no weird button bumps. But they are slightly difficult to get on and off if that's an issue.