Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Double-Cloth Metro Coat.

Man, y'all, the slog has begun. This is the part of winter that I dislike the most, when the holidays are over and it's just about putting your head down and waiting for spring to start. You know what helps? A bright-ass red coat. I already have more than I need, but if I were able to buy a coat right now? It'd be this one:

I hate winter!

This is the J.Crew Double-Cloth Metro Coat and it comes in a few other colors but this one is the best. It's not inexpensive but right now you can get 40% off with code TAKENOTE and another 3% back with eBates (my referral link.) If that's still too rich for your blood, this one from Zara is pretty freaking cute and less than $100.  Bright red coats for everyone!

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