Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buy This (So We Don't Have To, But Maybe We Should): Coats on sale!

Is it a coincidence that Nordstrom is having a big coat sale right as the terrible weather gets even more terrible? I think not. I had to abandon my car and hike in the snow to get home, so I am eyeing these bad boys.

I am generally anti-puffer coat but you know what? That is ridiculous. Look how flattering this Laundry Drawstring Waist puffer is, and you know it's warm. Bonus, leopard print lining!

My dad has a classic London Fog coat that he's had since the 70's, so I'm digging this Hooded Toggle Coat, plus it's a good price for a solid brand. I was really wishing for a hood when I was hiking up my driveway in the pouring snow.

Something about a snowstorm makes me want a big fur-trim hooded coat. I just can't help myself! This one from Topshop is cute, has room for layers, and the price is right.

And, okay, this Topshop coat is not exactly practical. I'm sure the snow would soak it and wind cut right through you. So maybe I'll just wear it around the house? It looks SO COZY OMG:


It's freezing, go get yourself a new coat. Apparently winter is never ending.

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