Thursday, January 9, 2014

Adrien: 7 For All Mankind Slim Cigarette Jeans Review and Outfit

Back in the fall I made up a wishlist of things I really wanted and one of those things was a pair of black-black skinny jeans that I could wear with boots. When I went to find them, I ended up buying something slightly different - the 7 For All Mankind Slim Cigarette Jeans in brushed twill. (Full price on the 7FAMK site but these look like the brushed twill version and on sale!)

Even though they're a little awkward with boots I am SO glad I bought them. They're great because they fit like jeans but aren't really denim. With a longer top they just look like slim black pants so I can wear them to work without getting the side-eye.  They are velvety soft, are so freaking crazy comfortable and I love that they have a shorter inseam so I can wear them with my Madewell flats without hem awkwardness.

My scarf is from the Gap (out of stock, but I like this one) and was a gift from Nina because she thought it would go with my shoes! She's good like that. My bag is Andrea Brueckner (this is a nice inexpensive similar) and my bracelet is Giles and Brother (simple version here, my version here.) 

Shiny! I love that bracelet.


  1. Wow, they sound (nearly) perfect! I love your bracelet too, btw.

  2. Hello Adrien! First of all, these jeans look so great on you! I am also thinking to order one pair of these (the same wash) for my mum as a gift, but I am not sure about the size, as her measurements sit between two sizes... Are these true to size or better to size down? I would really appreciate if you can help me on this!

    1. Sorry for the delay on this! Comments on old entries get quarantined as spam and I forget to check. Anyway, in this fabric (which is kind of velvety, not really denim) I take my normal 7FAMK size. I am a 28 pretty much across the board in that brand so I'd say they run true to size.