Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our White (t-shirt) Whale.

M: I WILL NOT spend $55 on a white t-shirt no matter how PERFECT. Sigh.

American Vintage at ShopStyle

A: Ugh, over-priced t-shirts make me mad.

M: Especially when they are perfect. SEE ALSO:

James Perse at ShopStyle

A: Okay, that actually is perfect and it's not insanely over priced. Just a smidge.

M: It is on sale, I'll give them that. But one of my children will ruin it.

A: This James Perse is basically my dream t-shirt but, come on:

James Perse at ShopStyle

M: COME ON. Ugh. I feel like I have no perfect basic t-shirts and this is not helping.

A: I am still a super fan of Old Navy's vintage v-neck tees but they don't wear well long term.

M: They don't shrink up at all? I feel like every t-shirt I've ever gotten from there gets a teeny bit shorter after every wash.

A: Not that I've noticed but you are tall and stuff.

M: They start out the right length! I am not growing like I've eaten the "eat me" cookie!

A: Hmm, that's no good. Also, REALLY WITH THIS:

Vince at ShopStyle

M: Effing VINCE.

M: Only we could take a search for the perfect t-shirt and turn it into a rant.

A: That dude is such a jerk.

M: Is there a Vince?

M: No, there is not.

A: Oh for pete's sake.

M: I am pouting. I am fully giving in to the pout.

A: The Perfect T-shirt is a fashion urban myth perpetuated by fake Vince and his ilk.



  1. Loft Sunwashed tees are awesome. If they carry them again this year, check them out. I wash them in the machine but I do hang them out to dry.

  2. JCrew Vintage. Highly recommend.....

  3. I am personally a fan of American Eagle "favorite" v-neck shirts. They are long enough for me (I'm 5'8") and don't seem to shrink up, no matter how many times I stick 'em in the dryer. They are thin, but that makes them great for layering. Same with their boyfriend tanks. And best of all... they're so cheap!! Just went to the site now, and burnout white v-necks are $5.99, buy one, get one 1/2 off. I just bought 4, haha. Granted they are burnout, so they will be sheer, but they have 'em in other solid, non-burnout colors, too.

  4. Gap ones are good, too. They come in talls via the web site. Eddie Bauer also makes good t-shirts that are available in tall sizes. Not quite as stylish as your choices above, but they'll do the job.

  5. Banana Republic Outlet vee necks are good. Cotton with a tiny bit of spandex makes them wear really well.

    Any recommendations for a White (whale) blouse? I'm not convinced that this "classic" looks good on women... I have yet to find one that doesn't look sloppy or make me feel like I'm dressing like a dude...

  6. as a self-professed connoisseur of white t-shirts (i've tried them all), i will say that the james perse casual tee is THE BEST WHITE T-SHIRT EVER. everlane is second, but distant ;)

    then again, you guys know i pray at the altar of james perse, so take my advice with a grain of salt. or whatever....

  7. OK, you know which retailer has been holding it down for me over the past several months? H&M! I purchased a great "organic" cotton tee as well as a linen one - both on $5 sale - and they are the best! This fall I picked up some thin merino wool sweaters - on super duper sale for $7 (marked down from $50) - and they have worn perfectly. I always thought H&M was a bit too much of a fast, disposable fashion kinda store, but they have some great quality items on occasion. I also picked up some pretty good cotton tees from the Gap last year.

  8. Great recommendations, you guys! Thanks!