Monday, January 13, 2014

Marianne: Unseasonable

I am sorry, I just have to say this: WHAT THE EFF WITH THIS WEATHER, AMIRITE? We go from Polar Vortex to springlike temperatures in less than a week and I don't even know how to dress any more. This outfit is clearly from a warmer day. I've been obsessively stalking all of the Tucker for Target dresses on eBay, because this was clearly one of the best Target collaborations that I totally ignored. Sure, they aren't the perfect silk dresses you get from the real Tucker line, but they are pretty great and hello, not $350. This little dress is a *touch* short on me, but dang if it isn't cut well and so comfortable and perfect with a cardigan thrown over it.

It was so warm that all I needed was my lightweight field jacket (this one is even better, and this is a great plus size option), a cashmere scarf, tights, and boots. The print on this dress is several years old and yet closely mimics some of the Rifle Paper Co. products. The colors are great in person. 

A note on the Gap Eversoft Cardigans, which fyi are on sale for under $20 in some colors, I love the way these cardigans are cut and they are indeed really soft. They are also sadly prone to pilling, but for the price I'll buy more. The neon colors are particularly fun, and I might have just put this striped cardigan in my cart.

Completely unrelated, I've been waging war on my skin with some really good results, but I never know if you guys are into reading about the depths of my vanity. Are you interested in reviews of spa treatments? Be honest.


  1. Yes interested in spa treatment reviews! I live for this stuff!

  2. YES. When you use skin products I can't afford to test out, it helps me decide if I can spare the cash for them!

  3. Me three for spa treatment reviews - your skin is looking gorgeous and I'd love to know your secrets!

  4. I love that cardigan, but I hate pilling. GAH. It makes me batty.
    And yes, I love spa treatment reviews. Please do share.

  5. Yes! ALL the reviews!

  6. So agree on the Gap eversoft sweaters....Gap should run a buy-3-get-a-sweater-shaver-free promo.