Monday, September 11, 2017

Adrien: Après Summer.

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Not quite summer, not yet fall aka the worst time of year. Yet, I managed to be a total hero-like person and clothe myself appropriately:

It's not very exciting, but it feels slightly more appropriate than cut-off shorts and Birkenstock sandals. Le sigh. So, I'm wearing an old pair of J.Crew utility pants that I'd buy another pair of if they still made them. No worries, Gap has a cute pair and so does Loft! But, oh, my heart wants this Joie pair so so much. These are also super damn cute and not as tight. 

My t-shirt is Everlane, one of the newer scoop neck tees. I like it okay though it's a slimmer cut than my beloved Cotton V and it's not really very scoop-y. It's really, like, a crewneck that doesn't strangle you. It's fine, it's a black t-shirt. I am, of course, drawn to the Open Neck Tee even though it would fall right off my puny shoulders. Boo. 

It's suddenly sort of jacket weather so I dusted off my beloved old J.Crew Downtown Field jacket that I still love. I worried it would be too much army green in one outfit but whatever. It's fine. I am currently obsessed with getting a new fall jacket, something that isn't olive green. Maybe this trench coat? I love a trench and my current one is a bit long and slightly too small. Hm. Maybe. I also want a leather jacket and these are conflicting goals. Details:

My pendant necklace is from Madewell and is fairly similar to this style, which I like a lot. And, ooooh, look, a locket necklace! I dig that too. My bracelets are Giles & Brother skinny railroad spike cuffs

Bag and shoes! My bag is a Cambridge Satchel Co twist lock and it's the perfect crossbody for fall. I don't know, it just feels very back-to-school somehow. I also love the "Poppy" version of this bag and the push-lock version, which is a bit more affordable. 

My leopard flats are Madewell skimmers and they're basically dead. Like, they have bald patches and it's time to put them out to pasture. I've been searching for a replacement and even though I love this pair on Spring (use my link for $20 off of $75+), I think these Sam Edelman Rae flats might be the winner. We shall see! 

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