Friday, September 8, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Fall Finds (via TJ Maxx!)

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I am starting to really want things for fall that I can't even wear yet - big sack sweaters, boots, jackets, you know the drill. I've been scouring the TJ Maxx new arrivals for autumn bargains because that's how I roll. I will say it's kind of weird how they mix in some really high-end stuff. I'll be like, "Hey, that's really cute...oh." I mean, how is this snake bag not mine? OH. THAT'S HOW.

ANYWAY, here are some things that are reasonably priced and very cute options for fall:

This! Is! A! Suede! Moto! Jacket! Under! $100! (also in olive green)

This MBMJ bag would look so chic with a black trench, plaid scarf and chelsea boots. Just saying.

More Delman boots! This pair is well priced and comes in two colors and lots of sizes. 

This dress has interesting detailing in the back and also comes in an pretty yellow version.

These earrings are really absurdly cute, especially if you wear them turned up like climbers. 

J Brand straight leg jeans for under $60? OKAY THEN. 

This lightweight scarf has a little sparkle to it which you'll need when the weather is dreary.

This is not a MBMJ bag! It is, however, a very cute red leather bag at a reasonable price.

Look, this cashmere cardigan is probably the thing you'll wear the most and it's $79. Maybe just buy it. Or.... this Vince version. (I know, right? That wasn't nice of me at all.)


  1. Damnit. Now I just want to throw out everything I own and buy all new fall clothes. And that red bag is awesome.


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