Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We Discuss: Everlane Denim (and Marianne's Shoes)

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M: Because I'll never learn, I'm excited about Everlane denim.


M: Me toooooo.  

A: I just want plain jeans - plain wash, not-too-skinny skinny jeans that I can wear on my body without feeling like they're trying to kill me. These might work:

M: I know...these look so promising. It's a trap!

A: can they make jeans boxy? They can't, right? 

M: They don't look boxy on those moddles!

A: WEEPING. But seriously, these jeans better be magical.

M: You gonna try them? 

A: Oh, for sure, but probably not immediately. I am certainly not on the waitlist. Nope. 

A: Peeps be asking about your shoes, btw

M: Ha, I was just going to email. So let's talk about these shoes

A: These shoes look beautiful and possibly cruel.

M: Here's the thing about the shoes: I bought them after seeing them all perfectly broken in on a girl in Austin. They are super pretty and half the price of No. 6 and the like. But they are going to be a bitch to break in, the leather is so hard. 

A: Are you going to power through?

M: At this point I am on my second pair (they aren't kidding about sizing up, I am a small 7.5 and the 39's *just* fit), and I have to ship them back to SWEDEN to return so I'm trying. I love them I just know they are going to be a bitch. 

A: They might be great when they break in!

M: I am certain they will be if I can get there. So far so good (today is my first day wearing them out of the house!).

M: I mean heart eyes: 

A: Love! I hope they work out. 

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