Tuesday, September 5, 2017

We Discuss: Pants Based Facts.

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M: The Everlane wide leg crop pants came! I don't hate them. As predicted, I don't think I know what tops to wear with them. They are Advanced but very comfortable. They would be 100% more flattering with the pockets sewn shut but I also liked putting my hands in there. Hmmm. I do like that they are a totally new silhouette for me.

A: I require photos!



Note: while we acknowledge that the pictures aren't great, we felt it was Important Fashion Journalism and we should still use them because Pants Based Facts should be known. 

M: First. They are SUPER comfortable and I want them to be awesome because I feel like I'm being Fashion.

M: Untucked looks sloppy. So I tried styling how I saw somewhere with a denim shirt over a tucked tee:

M: Which is better! Breaks up the lines. But like, is the only way it looks half decent.

A: I feel like pants shouldn't be this hard. That looks cute, tho.

M: This is the ochre pair which is a size smaller and pulls at the pockets, has a muffin top:

M: Also cuter with top and is maybe a half inch shorter which is better:

A: Hmm. Those don't fit.

M: But see this is how everyone says they need to fit because of stretching.

A: Nothing pisses me off more than pants that stretch out but...

M: BUT then I needed to pull together a casual creative professional outfit for a shoot tomorrow and I'm like why am I bothering with wide pants:

A: Oh! Nice!

M: Those are the Everlane ponte pants btw which I forgot I bought and have never worn and they are nice.

A: That is 800 times more flattering.

M: I knooooooow

A: And oooh, now I want them pants.

M: I'm also like remember when we first got skinny jeans?

A: I know, I know.

M: I could barely look at myself in them and now!

A: I like the idea of wide pants but they seem so hard to wear. Like, it's the opposite of how I dress.

M: I know. And my lower legs are literally the thinnest part of me besides my wrists.

A: You have great legs.

A: Tell me more about the ponte pants, pls.

M: The pants are nice! Heavy, they don't show every little lump, nicely cut.

A: I need new black pants. The muffin top with my BR pair is making me mad.

M: The top of these could be slightly more flattering but I'd never wear them with anything but a flowy-ish top.

A: Yeah, I won't be doing any tucking.

M: But I put them on and was like oh hey these aren't half bad! These are the ones:

A: I want those pls.

M: Unrelated, this is cute:

A: Yaassss

M: Too bad I'm only going to be able to fit in sacks this fall.

A: Me too. Thankfully, Everlane has that covered.

M: Lol

A: Exhibit A:

M: Now you're talking.

A: Exhibit B:

M: That's just a big ole shirt.

A: Yup, a big ole sack shirt dress. I do enjoy a sack.

M: Embrace it.

A: Caftans are the best.

M: Ugh so good.

A: We should just go Full Caftan.

M: Golden Girls that shit.

A: So, new life plan.

M: See?


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  2. I'll be interested in your thoughts on the Everlane denim when it arrives. They are making some big promises.

  3. I love those ponte pants but Madewell is making me mad right now. They don't carry a size over 12 in those pants.

  4. The wide leg pants almost require a fitted top. Which, great for some, Not Great for my particular brand of body, so. No wide leg pants for me.

  5. Do you do turtlenecks? I'm envisioning the wide-leg pants with a tighter-fitting black and white striped turtleneck with the same loafers. Tres frawnch.

    1. I love this look on anyone else but I don't think I have enough confidence in my wide hips to try it myself!

  6. In the same shape, I can't recommend these enough (and they're less than half the price of the Everlanes): http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=1091427&vid=1&pid=637511002

    The blue is so dark it just reads as navy rather than denim; the high waist is snug but comfortable, and the fabric is thick enough to have a slight flattering compression effect. I'm curvy but the shape still works with flats not just heels.

    I find they look best with cropped length tops -- ones that didn't flatter on me before because of the curvy factor. The shape of these works like a great A-line skirt, but with the freshness of that shape in a denim wide cropped pant.

    Sorry to be raving, but they really are awesome, and I paid $20 Canadian for them in store, so extra wheee! One tip: if you're usually between sizes, go for the larger option and shrink them down in the washer/dryer as needed.

    1. Aw man I want to try these and they are sold out in my size! Waaaaaah!

  7. What are the shoes you're wearing in this post??? I love them!

  8. Would you provide jacket details as well?


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