Monday, September 18, 2017

We Discuss: Emotional Shopping.

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A: I’m drowning my sorrows in the Loft sale.

M: There you go.

A: Die cold shoulder, die.

M: I got a secondhand Vince top and dress for cheap on eBay.

A: Yay!

A: Dammit Loft, crazy sleeves on EVERYTHING.

M: I'm into SOME of the sleeve craziness. Some.

A: I just need to be able to wear a cardigan.

M: Ah.


M: Even with long sleeves?

A: My office is arctic.

M: I hate shoving sleeves into a carnigan.

A: Yeah, but still. Bell sleeves just ain't my jam.

M: You need a desk blanket like me.

A: I can’t decide if I love or hate this:

M: I would like it better without the feather tbh. Just a black, structured top.

M: Lou and Grey has some really pretty jewelry. Not on sale of course.

A: Ooh, I’ll check it out.

A: Really, I just hope my Everlane jeans work and I want another cashmere sweater. Can I just wear jeans and sweaters all winter?

M: Yes

A: And I’ve had these weird Everlane boots in my basket for, like, six months. They’re on sale. I KNOW they’re a bad boyfriend. I know this. And yet:

M: Ha just get them! Or are they Final sale?

A: Nope, they’re not. The lowest “chose what you pay” is $123.

M: Ah then try them and then you'll know.

A: Yeah, I might.

M: Can you choose $70? Ha.

A: Right? I CHOSE to pay $25.

M: Haha. Sometimes you just have to try the weird thing.

A: Like, I have to know. Done. Blog science.

M: Hahaha. How much did you pay.

A: $12

M: Dealzzzz

A: I mean, add a 3.

M: Oh. How is that choosing.

A: Apparently $12 is not a choice.

M: Dicks.

A: I don't fall for their emotional blackmail and always chose the lowest price.

M: Crap I kind of want this:

A: Ugh, that is cute! Chose to pay $15.

M: Why would anyone EVER choose to pay more than the lowest price.

A: Right? Fuck that.

M: Ugh! Why am I looking!

A: Everlane Stockholm Syndrome.

M: Throw a net over me.

M: Meanwhile Gap keeps serving me this look that I call "The Grandpa Joe.”

A: That look is very... golden ticket.


A: Haaa. Perfect.


  1. Emotional shopping! Thank you for giving a name to my last minute purchases as school started. I needed things to make myself feel better. Middle school teacher here.

  2. The Grandpa Joe! Give her a fedora and a cane and she'll be set. (And I may have laughed so hard I snorted.)

  3. I too can be an emotional shopper. I bought 2 pcs this summer for specific purposes. The purpose came and went and I did not touch either piece. So I *gasp* returned them!! I don't even know who I am. I also spent way too much time last night helping my 13 year old get her closet in order. She hasn't been sleeping in her own room for DAYS because there was so much on her bed. I told her I was going to make her be all Oprah and if she buys something new 1 piece comes out of the closet. She actually froze for a beat before opening laughing at me. *shrugs* It was worth a shot...


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