Friday, September 22, 2017

Review: Everlane High-Rise Skinny Denim.

I bought a pair of the new Everlane denim jeans and here's my review. Just a reminder that I paid for these myself and my review is all my own opinion.

I ordered the High-Rise Skinny and they are really quite nice!  They look and feel high-end and the Japanese denim is thick and not very stretchy. I loved the super dark wash a lot. My normal jeans size is 28, though sometimes I am more comfortable in a 29. I ordered these in a 29 because they aren't super stretchy and sometimes Everlane runs small.  I chose the high waisted style in the regular length. Here they are with flats: 

And with boots: 

They are not kidding about the high rise! I'm a bit short waisted and these were HIGH. I like a high rise but the denim was so stiff that it felt a little like I was wearing a denim corset:

They also started sliding down a bit which is what made me realize they're probably too big and I should've gone with my usual size. Oops. Here's a side view wearing flats so you can see the actual length:

The length was good for me but would be pretty short for anyone above 5'6". (I'm assuming this first rollout is a test and hopefully they'll add more sizes and lengths?) Here's the back view so you can see the pockets: 

Verdict:  They are really good quality jeans and I don't think they look bad but they weren't a great fit on me. I considered exchanging for a size 28 but the high rise on the 29 was already making me uncomfortable so I didn't think sizing down was going to fix that. I probably would'be been happier in the mid-rise version. Overall I wasn't so enamoured with them that I wanted to keep ordering and re-ordering to find the right fit, so I just sent them back. 


  1. thanks for the review!

    i'm interested in the mid-rise and the boyfriend fits, but i have to wait for re-stock in my size. :/

    p.s. i like your shirt!

  2. They look great on you, but I agree about the rise. I'm short waisted as well and can't do more than mid rise or it feels weird and the proportions are off.

  3. Short waisted here too and got the midrise in this same wash and love them. I think the quality of the denim feels good. Curious how they will wash though. I also got the white (or whatever it's called) in re boyfriend and those are a thumbs up too.

    1. Dang it! I just totally picked the wrong cut.

  4. I ordered the high-rise jeans in black and they just arrived today. I have a super long torso so the rise is perfect for me. They were a touch snug right out of the box but after about 10 minutes of wear have softened up nicely. I frequently have a hard time with jeans because my thighs are large for my waist size, but these fit pretty well. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with them! I'd like to try to the boyfriend ones as well, but they're out of stock in my size.


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