Thursday, September 28, 2017

Stuff We Like: A Problematic Convo About Problematic Favorites.

A: I'm watching The Holiday and I love it except for one thing

M: I love that movie even though it is problematic

A: It's VERY problematic

A: Like, why does Cameron Diaz get Jude Law, but Kate Winslet gets Jack Black? How is that fair?

M: That is one of the problems

M: Also Cameron Diaz is a BAMF with an amazing career that requires being in LA but Jude Law is dreamy so whatever to that!

A: The English cottage is ❤️❤️

A: The houses are the best characters

M: Nancy Meyers, man. She's so good at that.

A: Cameron Diaz is punchable but I don't hate her? I guess that's her charm

M: I don't like her but it grates that she is at that height in her career but of course she's broken inside and horrible because that's how women have to be to be that successful

A: Ughhh

M: Not that I'm bitter

A: That is problematic and ridiculous, yes.

A: Kate Winslet is more my speed

M: She's broken too. But better.

A: But Jude Law. God, remember when he was hot?

M: Sooooo hot

M: So sparky

M: But Jack Black is a sad second leading man

A: Right? Unfair

M: His horrible singing

A: But Kate Winslet isn't a size 00 so that's what she gets I guess

M: Basically

A: Infuriating.

M: A sad black one piece swimsuit and Jack Black because fatty is a size 6

M: I still love that stupid movie

A: I love lots of problematic movies. Love, Actually is a feminist's nightmare.

M: That one I actually had to take a break from

A: The last time I watched it I was like, “…ohhh. No."

M: Yeaaaah

A: Jude Law. Charming af

M: It's the eyes. So sparky.

A: I could EAT HIM UP

M: Too bad what's her face stole his beauty

A: She DID.

M: Only explanation. Or a deal with the devil gone wrong.

A: That also seems very likely

M: 👹

A: Before:

A: Let that sink in

A: And after:

M: Yikes.

A: 😭😭😭

M: My favorite Jude Law:

A: Mr. Ripley! So beautiful.

M: Like staring at the sun.

A: Ridiculous. Nobody looks like that.

M: Goop too. Look at her

M: And baby Matt Damon

A: I like Matt Damon best in the Bourne era

A: Early Goop was great - Sliding Doors

M: Sigh, we’re old.

A: Shit, Sliding Doors was...NEARLY 20 YEARS AGO WHAT

M: Hi I'm an old dad

A: Hello!

M: I mean I'm an old mom, I'd hit it

A: My second favorite movie kiss:

M: Yessssss god I love that moooovie

A: Soooo much

M: His arrrmmmmms

A: Jack Black is NOT JUDE LAW

M: Jack Black is a scoodlydoo troll

A: Just FYI

M: Sienna Miller succubus!

A: Heh

M: Deal with the devil gone bad! What the fuck I am quoting myself!

A: Pretty much. I hate Jack Black in this.

M: Scoopdleydoooo

M: Hate

M: He's a turd

A: Hahaaa

A: Worst

Just a note: we are talking about the actors as related to the characters they're playing. We have no idea who's actually broken IRL. (Probably everyone.) 


  1. This entire exchange was so funny but I actually was shaking with laughter when you got to the scoodlydoo.

  2. you guys are so funny. ripley was insane good.
    & b/c i'm even older than you 2, what is that last damon movie the pic of which you have up there?

  3. I am so glad I am NOT the only one who hates on characters in books and movies.

  4. Jude Law can still get it. Have you seen The Young Pope? When he struts past the paintings in the opening credits, looks at the camera, and winks? OH. MY. GOD. Perfection. The politics in the show lost me but he is so good at being bad.

  5. I kind of liked Jack Black in The Holiday...


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