Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Adrien: I Wear This A Lot.

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What makes an article of clothing a favorite? For me it's about how I feel when I wear it but also ease of use and comfort. This Loft dress is all of that:

It suits my style, never needs ironing and is comfortable and flattering without any fancy underpinings (though I do usually wear a slip. We've talked about that.) I am really hoping they bring this style back but in the meantime this Loft fit and flare dress sounds like a good bet, based on the reviews, and this Nine West dress has a very similar shape. If it's leopard you want I would go for this fun Jessica Howard dress or this one at Mango that's crazy in a good way. If you're just looking for a simple and reliable fit and flare dress, I would go for this dress at Boden

The weather has been freakishly warm so I'm still very into bare arms and legs but sadly it doesn't feel appropriate to wear Birkenstock sandals to work anymore. Hateful. Instead I'm wearing my favorite ankle boots (try eBay or Poshmark) which is cheering me up a bit. It's a weird time of year for clothes. Too warm for winter, too fall for summer. On to details:

I feel like a strong print needs a strong accessory so I'm wearing my old giant Ann Taylor tassel necklace. Go big or go home! Lulu Frost gets me but this tassel necklace from Loft is more reasonably priced. And whoa, check out this one with the big labradorite stone! So beautiful! I'm also wearing a handmade leather cuff from Fisticuffs. I've had it for years and still wear it a lot. 

My bag is a MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten which is long sold out, but can be found on eBay under a variety of incorrect names. For something surprisingly similar, I'd recommend this Cole Haan bucket hobo or this one! Or... you could always just get this MBMJ. If you're making a sad face and want something similar that's under $50, check out this Liz Claiborne bag

 Finally, my boots. These are my Madewell Lucien boot from last year and I love them a ton. The new Madewell Walker and the Margot boot styles are the most similar for now, but I'm assuming there are more boots to come. Oh, also! Check out the Hadley boot at JCrew. Similar and beautiful. (Wait for a sale, though. I mean, always. That is always my advice.)

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