Thursday, September 7, 2017

Stuff I Like: Liking, Watching, Listening

This Hair Stuff I Forgot About But Love So Much
When I cut my hair short-short (instead of just regular short) my usual styling products didn't seem to work as well. I dug around in my beauty hoarder cabinet and found this tube of R+Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm which I'd totally forgotten I had. It works so well on short, straight hair! It gives my hair a little bit of heft and grip but doesn't weigh it down. It also protects and smooths. R+Co is an interesting line and the packaging is really cool, which is a bonus.

This Show About People Who Are The Worst
A friend of mine recently recommended the show You're The Worst which I'd never heard of even though the 4th season was just released. (It's an FX show but is also on Hulu.) It's a modern day love story involving two really terrible, hilarious, narcissistic people so of course I love it. They make fun of hipsters a lot, which I enjoy, and in one of the early episodes Jimmy, aghast that Gretchen thinks Daniel Craig is the best Bond says, “Daniel Craig?! He looks like an upset baby.” Phil Collins also gets a mention and Ferris Bueller's Cameron is discussed at length. (I just double-checked and the creator/writer, Stephen Falk is exactly my age, so this all makes SO MUCH SENSE.)  Anyway, I am 100% in! Best new show that isn't new because nobody told me about it until now because I'M FUCKING OLD.

This Podcast Because Reading Rainbow Was Awesome
I listen to a lot of podcasts about politics and current events and feminism and finances and sometimes I just CAN'T. I can't deal with the real world for one more minute. When that happens I've discovered that the best thing is to listen to a bit of fiction. LeVar Burton Reads is literally a podcast in which LeVar Burton reads you short stories in his soothing LeVar Burton voice. It's good stuff and if you were a fan of Reading Rainbow you will definitely enjoy this podcast. My favorite story so far is Chivalry by Neil Gaiman (from his book Smoke and Mirrors), which I highly recommend. Feeling stressed? Let LeVar read to you. I promise you'll feel better.

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