Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Outfit of the Day: I Did Not Get a Snow Day.

Am I the only one who didn't get a snow day today? It feels like it. I mean, I'm looking at it snow! Why am I not at home? Anyway, I dressed for comfort and was pretty happy with the results:

This sweater. A few of you might remember me posting about it - it's the Sofia Cashmere camo print sweater and for a few minutes in November it was marked down to $29 on Amazon. I managed to get one before the price shot back up and, while it's a nice sweater, it's not AT ALL worth the current price. There are some discounted Sofia Cashmere sweaters on NR, including a cashmere gin carnigan in camo! Though honestly, if I was going to spend real money on a camo cashmere sweater, I'd get this one by Graham and Spencer or this one from Barneys though I'd probably be just as happy with something like this inexpensive blue camo pullover.

I am wearing those damn Mossimo jeggings that I wear A LOT and really, I should probably buy another pair if I can find them because these are getting worn out. I love them, though. Truly. I also love the grey moto version Target has right now and I might eventually buy the (real) Joie version because apparently moto style jeggings are an actual staple in my wardrobe. I'm sorry, people. Please forgive me.

Real quick, this is a picture of me trying to look cute in my down coat and beanie. OH WINTER LE SIGH. I am also wearing a really nice blanket scarf that Kate gave me for my birthday! It's huge and warm and has big stars and gold trim. I dig it so much! It also works well as a wrap and comes in a pink colorway as well. On to details: 

Still wearing the lovely Soko paddle pendant Marianne gave me. It's such a nice piece and you can understand why I'm tempted by the Soko horn pendant as well. They do simple shapes so perfectly. And now, the real thing I've been dying to talk about: 

Back in December I bought these Gap chelsea rain boots for a song and then was like, "Why did I buy these? I should return them." Then I offered them to Kate to try when she said she needed rain boots. They were too big for her but damn did they look cute. And then it rained a bunch and OOPS OH WELL. They're mine now and I love them. They're really comfortable and look sharp enough to wear all day and they're way sleeker than my tall Hunter boots. Highly recommend! (Also, use code FRESHSTYLE to get them for $32!) 

I'm not talking about my bag today because I've talked about it a lot lately and maybe I should give it a rest. Enjoy your snow day if you have one and please don't tell me about it because I'm jealous. Bye!


  1. Ooh, those boots are great. May have to buy them. Also get tired of lugging out the tall rain boots and then changing out of them.


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