Monday, January 8, 2018

We Discuss: Blog Resolutions

I really agree with all of this except I still love their t-shirts, twisted seams and all.

A: Yeah, I'm basically done with Everlane. Mostly. (But YAS TO THE COTTON V T-SHIRT WHICH IS THE BEST FOREVERRRRR.)

M: That last attempt, trying the wide leg pants, that was it for me. I do still like my almost 4 year old cropped trench. And the v-necks are perfect on me.

A:  I like my weird boots and I still wear the shit out of both my cashmere sweaters though the older one is definitely better.

M: I wish those had fit me but the sleeves are always too short.

A: I'm just tired of buying a vision that isn't built for my body type.


A: But they always get me, Marianne. I fear they're not done with me yet.

M: The fit just isn't there, for me.

A: Oh, it's not there for me either but I still want to believe.

M: Other than the t-shirts I'm making this my new years resolution.

A: Oh shirtballs. Now I feel like I have to make this my blog resolution.



A: We can still buy Everlane t-shirts, right??

M: ONLY the t-shirts, and no new or weird cuts.

A: Yes ma'am. Our blog resolution: No Everlane*

M: Deal. Ooh I want to make more.

A: Yes! MORE. Can you save me from myself? Give me one pls.

M: Let’s think. What’s your trap? What’s mine?

I did not buy these.

A: With makeup it's holding on to products longer than I should. With clothes - I don't even know anymore. Maybe wanting to "upgrade" things I have that are already fine? (See: Madewell Chelsea boots). Wearing current stuff too much and not rotating in my older clothes? Buying stuff because its a good deal rather than because I need it? All of that.

M: Maybe we resolve to do two no-buy months this year? And to clean out our makeup/skin care.

A: Okay! That works for me.

M: Or we could do one month of no-buy and one month where we don't buy anything new, only consignment or secondhand...I don't know.

A: Oh, I like that idea too

M: Okay but the no-buy doesn't apply if we're out of stuff, right? I am out of my face wash. I mean it's just Cerave so not some big deal but I don't want to get in trouble.

A: I think that's fine, I'll add it. Do we need more resolutions? We have:

  • No Everlane*
  • One No-Buy month (January)
  • One secondhand-only month
  • Clean out our makeup/skincare

M: What if....what if we did the no buy RIGHT NOW. I have GOT TO STOP LOOKING AT SALES OMFG.

A: ME TOO. PEE ESS there are earrings that match the Soko pendant:

M: Oh I know! But I already have some similar hoops that are sold out so I didn’t include them. I love them though.

A: Oooh, those Madewell hoops are great. And I’m still thinking about your shearling Birkenstocks. I don’t hate the mink color.

M: The mink color is cute!

A: The problem is that Birkenstock is excluded from all discounts and promotions. Also, are we starting the no-buy right now this second? I can't remember.

M: Oh right. Are we? We should. But you need warm feet too.

A: Okay, I do actually need something for my feet I am FREEZING.

M: Maybe we each get ONE get of of jail free card during the no-buy??

A: Please, yes! A no-buy in January with a ONE item allowance. Mine will be shearling clogs because just talking about yours makes me want to die with cold-foot envy.

M: I love it. I am keeping mine in my pocket because I can't think of anything right now.

A: Am I doing the right thing with the color? Apparently the "mink" is similar to the UGG chestnut and not so orange in real life:

M: I like it, I almost went that direction but obviously chose the black.

A: I am going to order them for science.

M: Yessssssss I am missing mine today. Wearing stupid boots instead.

A: Winter - still the worst.

Our 2017 Blog resolutions:

  • No-Buy in January (see the rules above) 
  • No more Everlane*
  • A month** of only buying secondhand 
  • Clean out our makeup and skincare*** 

January No-Buy! The rules:

  • One Get Out of Jail Free purchase
  • Replenishment of existing products is okay

*Except for the plain v-neck tees which are rad
**Month TBD
***Except my Chanel Rivoli lipstick which is, like, 7 years old but they discontinued the color and it’s the perfect red. Hush, Marianne.


  1. Everlane has never been for me. I am super short and their clothes make me look like I'm playing dress up. I am on a beauty buying freeze until further notice with the exception of a makeup remover cleanser. I need to be on a clothing spending freeze, but there's a Madewell top I'm itching to buy.

  2. This is cool - I should join in, I've way overspent in the sales. I even got new glasses because there was a sale of fifty percent off frames. Except for the pair I choose, doh!