Friday, January 12, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: I AM NOT BUYING THIS STUFF. (But I want to.)

I am days away from my birthday and I'm on a no-buy so it's been tough to reset my brain. Like, my brain is all "I want that! It's mah birthday!" and I have to grab it by the snoot, look it in the eye and say "NO!" very firmly. Over and over again. Here is a list of things I'd certainly like to buy myself but I WILL NOT BE BUYING MYSELF. You are welcome to carry on as you please:




  1. These shoes are amazing!!

  2. You need the shoes. I might need them as well.

  3. Happy almost birthday! Treat yo'self.

  4. This isn't going to help with your ban, but just in case you've never worn Chie Mihara shoes, they are the most comfortable shoes ever and they're extremely well made. I have a small collection, and the oldest pair (and my favorite) is still going strong 10 years later.

    Happy birthday!

    1. Thanks! I have several pairs of older Chies and I still wear and love them.


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