Monday, January 15, 2018

We Discuss: Things We Did NOT Buy Last Week.

M: Week one! Things I wanted to buy, but didn't:

Meow Meow Tweet deodorant
- New sheets (Target chambray to be exact)
- Those open-toed Lotta clogs
- These dumb Birks I can’t even wear yet:

- This stupid dress that I will totally buy if it ever stays in stock long enough: 

A: Oh man, I love that dress! And Meow Meow Tweet...deodorant?

M: Everyone keeps telling me antiperspirant is going to kill me but I just can’t pull the trigger.

A: I just keep slathering it on. No curr.

A: Okay, me. I have not bought:

-A bunch of stupid things on Poshmark including a bag I ALREADY OWNED AND SOLD
-A pair of boots I, um, ordered and then immediately canceled:

- That doesn't count, right? Seriously, what is wrong with me
That pointy Hourglass lipstick I still want and look at and put in carts and then flee
- One of those electric pedi foot file thingies

M: I did get two new shirts this week but it was for a shoot and I had to.

A: I mean, you didn’t buy anything so?

M: Full disclosure. Not stuff I would have bought for myself but I’m wearing the sweatshirt today:

A: Cute!

M: I know we are NOT shopping but this would be pretty on you:


M: 🙈

A: It’s on sale and everything

M: I know

M: I shouldn’t have shown you

M: I am bad

M: But!

A: Mean lady

M: It’s short sleeved. It will be there in February.

A: Hmph


  1. Um, I bought the purple Topshop dress AND the brass earrings from the last post.

    It is cold and miserable here, so apparently I am treating myself to some post-holiday cheer.

  2. I don't know about the chambray version, but the Target Threshold flannel sheets are the winter deal at under $20 bucks on sale. Co-zy.

    Good on you both for sticking with the no-buy!

  3. Buy the foot file thing on eBay! I bought one a year ago for maaaaaybeee $10 and it works like a champ. Totally worth the money.

  4. Totally not helpful, but...the sheets are pretty good. I prefer the feel of percale, and they have held up really well.

  5. A - Save allll yer money for the bowie-inspired sweater that Kim France wants you to have today.

  6. I picked up the lower rise (not high rise that I tried before) boyfriend jeans from Madewell, and that Madewell plaid shirt y'all were talking about. SO cute and fits great! Thanks for the shopping inspo!!


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