Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Adrien: Favorite Style Purchases of 2017

Last January I posted about my favorite style purchases from the past year and because I haven't got a better idea, I thought I'd do it again. Of course, this involves the horrifying task of searching the blog to figure out what, exactly, I bought last year and luckily it's not too horrifying! (I didn't buy any of this crap, which...wow. Just wow. Except the bag which I wish I still had and the shoes which I do still have and wear.)

Overall, I was pretty happy with my purchases and also made a good effort to replace some worn-out staples, like my leopard flats and my tuxedo jacket (which definitely deserves a place on this list but y'all have heard me talk about it enough, I think.)

Mossimo Moto Jeggings (outfit here)
Look, I KNOW. I know we keep talking about these but I wear them at least twice a week and they are totally worth the freaking $29.99. I love them and I should probably buy a backup pair because they won't last forever. They do stretch out but I dug out my Beltaway (seriously! Don't judge.) and that keeps them from sliding down.

Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio Satchel (outfit here)
Maybe my best eBay rescue ever! I still can't believe what a deal I got on this bag. It retailed for over $1,000 (which is crazy) and I got it for peanuts because it's not a sought-after style. I love that it's not obviously a Marc bag - just a nice big leather bag with subtle stud detailing. It's easy to carry and holds a ton of stuff. A winner. There are a couple on eBay that are fairly priced: this one has a best offer option available and this newer version does too.

Argento Vivo labradorite necklace (outfit here)
I bought this little necklace at Nordstrom Rack and have worn is almost every day since I got it. I just love how it's a tiny bit of shine and fire but still delicate and easy to layer with pendants. Unfortunately it's sold out (though I'll bet you can still find one in-store) but this Argento Vivo necklace is a very cute labradorite option and this labradorite pendant is very similar. There are also lots of options on Etsy, like this one!

Copper Birkenstock Gizeh (outfit here)
Oh man, these sandals were the best thing by FAR that I bought last summer. I wore them constantly and they are shiny and cute and very, very comfortable. No regrets on the Birkenstock front and no apologies. My black hunter leather Arizona sandals have also been great they just aren't as cute so they didn't get worn quite as much. I don't even care, they are so good and crazy comfortable and I love the giant buckles. (outfit here)

Fan Floral Cap Sleeve Shirtdress (reviewed here)
This LOFT dress was easily my favorite item of summer clothing. It didn't require any kind of thought or fancy underpinnings, just throw it on and wear it with flat sandals or heels or whatever and it looked cute. I love the retro-ish print and bright summery colors and now I'm looking to see what Loft has in a long-sleeved shirt dress. I do think this dress looks like a flattering cut but I'm not sure about the print. Same with this one- love the cut, not sure about the plaid. Hmm.

Nike Juvenate Sneakers (review here)
Oh yeah. I am going to go ahead and say that these were a REALLY good purchase. They're perfectly minimal and stylish as well as being comfortable. I have worn them a ton and they're great airport/travel shoes -  I wore them all over Las Vegas, Chicago and San Francisco. I think it'll be time for a new pair soon (my big toes are starting to poke through the inner foam layer) but I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of them. Olive green is cute, maybe?


  1. I bought that dress this Summer and love it. I only got to wear it twice because I took a leave of absence from work for four months and was only wearing yoga pants for most of it. Can't wait to wear it again the Spring. It's perfect in pretty much every way.

  2. Aw, I love your hair in the "crap" photo! And PS, pretty sure we were all wearing cardigans with oversized safety pins. Yikes.


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